00:20:31 Shannon Mattern: Here’s the link to get your Body Graph:
00:23:36 Shannon Mattern: I just did my chart and I’m a GENERATOR LOL!
00:25:37 Shannon Mattern: Why are you in my brain Nicole? LOL!
00:25:53 Janet Hoover: Right?!
00:26:00 Kelli Femrite: I’m a generator too!! I actually did this about a month ago on mybodygraph lol
00:28:41 Trish Bovell: I’m also a generator!
00:33:32 Shannon Mattern: If you’re just joining us, to find out your type go to – you need your birth date and time to get your graph!
00:37:13 Trish Bovell: Sorry I have to drop I will catch the replay
00:38:22 Shannon Mattern: Janet asks “So on the left if you have a 9.1 that counts as t “1”?”
00:39:16 Kelli Femrite: good question I have 3 of them, a 1.1, 49.1 and 9.1
00:40:34 Kelli Femrite: oh ok
00:40:38 Kelli Femrite: thanks!
00:44:13 Kelli Femrite: I feel like I definitely go off the grid from time to time
00:47:20 judy bigham: I’m a line 3 but is second number…
00:47:54 judy bigham: Yay
00:47:56 Shannon Mattern: I’m a 3 on the red side in the first and second box!
00:48:16 Shannon Mattern: I think I get it now! Thanks!
00:48:27 judy bigham: Shannon is in alignment !
00:49:16 Shannon Mattern: Hahaha yes!
00:53:50 Janet Hoover: a ton of 5’s in the gray column at the top – crazy!
00:54:30 Janet Hoover: Wha? I feel like I’m the hermit lol
00:58:26 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: This has been very interesting, I can’t find the time I was born… I will find it and go back on the site! I have a 1pm so I have to leave, Thanks Nicole & Shannon! I think I’m a Manifestor!
00:58:45 Shannon Mattern: And I have a Line 6, and this is basically my podcast LOL!
00:58:48 Shannon Mattern: Freaky!
00:59:04 Kelli Femrite: I have a line 6 on the black column
00:59:05 Janet Hoover: Very! I have a 6 in the red
00:59:53 Janet Hoover: How can I have you look at this and help me get more clear at what I’m looking at lol?
01:00:13 Janet Hoover: Very weird and crazy!
01:04:20 Janet Hoover: ok so I have 9.1 red and 55.5 in black so I’d be a 1 & 5?
01:14:28 judy bigham: Word Shannon!
01:14:54 Mary Jo Ugarte – Web Design: yes, thx Nicole!!
01:16:03 Janet Hoover: Very interesting, thank you!
01:17:26 judy bigham: Thank you!!!
01:17:34 Kelli Femrite: Thank you so much!

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