Want a website that converts on a DIY budget?​


Site in a Snap!​

Get a brand kit and pre-written page templates designed to convert so you can launch your website in a snap!

Site-in-a-Snap works with either Elementor Pro or Divi (both sold separately)

here's how it works

Time-lapse video of a site being built with Site-in-a-Snap!

You want a gorgeous website that helps you turn visitors into customers.

the only problem is...​

  • You’re not a designer and you’re not sure how to make it all look good.
  • You’re not sure how to design your pages so that they convert.
  • You just want to make it look pretty without spending hours trying to get it to look decent.
  • You’re not a copywriter, but you want to make sure you’re using the right words in the right places so that you attract your ideal client.

You wish someone would just give you a template and all you had to do was tweak it to match your personality + fill in the blanks to make it your business.

but not just any template...

You want one designed specifically for non-techie solopreneurs that are selling programs, courses, services + digital products online.

You want one that’s built with a top-rated WordPress page-builder plugin so you’re empowered to make whatever changes you want.

You want one that includes a logo + branding designed by a professional graphic designer that you can customize to you.

You want a proven template designed by a professional web designer who has built her six-figure business online from scratch using the same strategic website design + copywriting formulas.

But most of all, you want to feel proud of your website and go live with confidence from day one.

that's why we created...

Site in a Snap!

Site in a Snap will help you...

Here's what you get:

A Mix and Match Brand Kit from Applecart Lane ($147 value)

Choose one of 5 different Mix and Match Brand Kits – editable template sets that makes creating a fully branded website simple (and fun!) even if you have no eye for design.

6 Elementor Pro or Divi Page Templates designed to convert ($397 value)

Install strategically-designed page templates* for your Home, About, Thank You Blog, Blog Post + Work With Me pages so that you can turn your website visitors into customers.

*Page Templates require Elementor Pro – the world’s leading WordPress page builder (sold separately)

Strategic Website Copy done for you ($497 value)

Edit the built-in website copy prompts + formulas on each page of your site so that you the right words in the right places on the right pages to attract your dream clients.

How it works:

Plus these bonuses:

Website Copy Strategy Guide ($197 value)

This guide breaks down the strategy behind the copywriting formulas on the page templates and gives you a place to draft your website copy before adding the final words to your website.

5 Day Website Challenge Workbook ($49 value)

The 5 Day Website Challenge Workbook is a searchable, clickable companion guide of written instructions, screenshots of all the settings and links to all of the training videos. It makes setting up WordPress and all the plugins even faster!

Hi, I'm Shannon Mattern!

I’ve helped over 15,000 people DIY, and I’ve noticed that there are two things that stand between you and business success:

  1. A strategically designed website that showcases you and your brand (while actually being all about your ideal client).
  2. Going live without the website shame that will hold you back from actually marketing your business.

That’s why I’ve partnered with graphic designer Kristin Rappaport to bring you these customizable templates to help you get online FAST and with confidence.


I believe that with a little guidance, you can create beautiful graphics that truly represents who you are and attracts your dream customers, even if you have ZERO design skills.

That’s why I partnered with Shannon on the Site-in-a-Snap Template Pack: so that you can feel confident about how you’re showing up visually online.

What happens when you buy:

1) Complete your purchase.

Use the secure order form to check out with PayPal or Stripe.

2) Check your email for instructions.

You’ll get a confirmation with instructions on how to access your Mix + Match Brand Kit, Page Templates + Workbooks.

3) Watch the setup videos.

We’ll walk you through how to customize the graphics, add the branding to your website and install + customize the page templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. In the Free 5 Day Website Challenge Days 3 + 4 I’ll teach you HOW TO create your own brand from scratch and create your own pages from scratch and make the layouts mobile responsive. It’s about 12 hours of training not including the time it takes you to do it.

With Site-in-a-Snap, you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from templates. So the Mix + Match Brand Kits just need edited to match your business, and the page templates just need installed and updated with your branding, graphics and website copy.

Those training videos are about 2 hours long.

So Site-in-a-Snap saves you TONS of time, plus gives you professionally designed branding, page layouts and website copy formulas whereas the Free 5 Day Website Challenge will teach you to DIY, but you make everything from scratch and you’re on your own to write your website copy.

A. Yes you will need either Elementor Pro or Divi to use Site-in-a-Snap.  Elementor Pro* costs $49 a year and Divi by Elegant Themes* costs $89 a year.

The Mix + Match Branding Kit is editable with Canva and will work with any website.

If you just want a Mix + Match Brand Kit without the Elementor page templates, check out the Shop.

*affiliate links

A. The Site-in-a-Snap templates are made for WordPress (which is the tech behind the scenes of your website), and Elementor and Divi are WordPress themes (which is what you use to design the look and layout of your website that your visitors see). To use Site-in-a-Snap you will need to buy either Elementor Pro or Divi – your choice.

Either one will work and you can’t make a wrong choice.

Elementor Pro* costs $49 a year and Divi by Elegant Themes* costs $89 a year.

We walk you through how to set up your WordPress website, install your chosen theme and apply your Site in a Snap templates.

The Mix + Match Branding Kit is editable with Canva and will work with any website.

If you just want a Mix + Match Brand Kit without the Elementor page templates, check out the Shop.

*affiliate links

A. There are four steps to setting up your site with Site-in-a-Snap and there’s written instructions and training videos provided for each step!

Step 1 – Prep: Install Elementor Pro, configure settings + prep your website for template installation.
Step 2 – Install:  Install and apply your Site-in-a-Snap Templates.
Step 3 – Design + Download:  Edit + download graphics in the Mix + Match Brand Kit in Canva.
Step 4 – Customize: Add your graphics, customize the page templates with your branding and use the on-page website copy formulas to write + add your website copy.

A. Yes!! I set one up using the Ashlee Brand Kit and you can check it out at https://templates.shannonmattern.com/

A. The Site-in-a-Snap Template Pack comes with one Mix and Match Brand Kit of your choice, and there are 5 to choose from. You can get all the details on the kits and what’s in them here.

A. The branding kit is editable with Canva – and there’s a video to show you how to edit them and download them for use on your website!

A. The branding kit is editable with Canva – and there’s a video to show you how to edit them and download them for use on your website!

Yes! There’s a Divi version of the templates. You’ll have your choice at checkout whether you want the Elementor Pro or Divi Edition.

No, but you can buy Elementor Pro and use it with Make so that you can  install the templates and re-create your Make pages with Elementor pages. So while it’s not “for Make” it totally works on sites with the Make Theme.

If you have Elementor Pro or Divi and you want to use the templates, and you already have pages that you have designed that are live on your site, what I would do is:
  1. Turn your Coming Soon page back on, because you’re going to be making global changes that would affect every page (unless you’re cool with working on your live site because you’re not getting a lot of traffic anyway).
  2. Install the templates + customize the global styles like I show in the setup video.
  3. Create a new page for each of your pages. Because WordPress won’t let you create two pages with the same name, so it automatically adds a -2 to your URL. We’ll fix that later.
  4.  Apply the Site in a Snap Templates to the new pages.
  5. Customize the content of the new pages.
  6. Go to Settings > Reading and change the Front Page of your site to your new homepage.
  7. Go to your old pages and change them from Published to Draft, and add -old to the URL (or just trash and delete them if you REALLY don’t need them anymore).
  8. Go to your new pages and remove the -2 from the URLs and save them.
  9. Go to Appearance > Menus and make sure all of your new pages are the ones in your menu.
  10. These instructions are included in the setup steps too!

Yes – you can change the colors to a different color palette on all the images – it’s fully editable in Canva. And then when you import the color palette file that I give you in your template pack into your website you’d just change those to your color codes and save them too!

A. Yep! They’re designed to look great on any device.

A. 1) Self-hosted WordPress (like I teach in the 5 Day Website Challenge). These templates will not work with WordPress.com sites.

2) Elementor Pro* page builder plugin ($49) or Divi by Elegant Themes* ($89) to use the page templates.

3) Some of the fonts in the Mix and Match Brand Kits are premium fonts that require a one-time purchase of a font license (between $10 and $20). For example, the Buffalo font in the Rilynn Brand Kit is $16.

*affiliate link

Yes! Check out the Shop Page to buy the bundle parts separately.

Yes! Check out the Shop Page to buy the bundle parts separately.

A. Absolutely! The words in the Mix + Match Brand Kits and in the page templates can be changed to whatever language you want!

You may use them on as many of your own websites as you want. You MAY NOT resell any part of the template bundle or use them on client websites if you are a web or graphic designer.

Here is the full policy:

The Elementor Templates are customizable templates for use solely in the Elementor WordPress plugin. All use of the Elementor Templates are also subject to Elementor’s . To use the Elementor Templates, you must remove the WP+BFF LLC branding and stock images before use and insert your own branding and images. Any violation of this provision may result in liability for copyright and trademark infringement. Detailed instructions for use will be provided and it is your sole responsibility to confirm you are complying with all customization requirements. WP+BFF LLC disclaims all liability related to your use of the Elementor Templates and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, associated or affiliated with Elementor.

Purchases of Elementor Templates are for individual use only. You may not share or sell the Elementor Templates to any third-parties and the Elementor Templates must remain in your own WordPress account. You may not use the Elementor Templates for client work. If a client wants to use the templates, they must purchase their own copy of the templates and load them into their own account.

Mix and Match Brand Kits are covered under Applecart Lane’s policies.

If you want to buy an unlimited license to use the page templates on your client sites, please contact me at shannon@shannonmattern.com

A. Because digital products are downloaded and not “returnable” – your purchase of the Site-in-a-Snap Template Pack is non-refundable.

The full refund policy is here.

If you are not sure if it’s right for you, please email me your situation and I’ll tell you if I think it’s a good fit for you or not.

Reach out to me at shannon@shannonmattern.com and ask away!

Get a professionally designed website in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the price.

Go live with confidence.

(even if you’re not techie)
so that you can stop spending all your time on your website and start getting clients.

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