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 Want 19 of my foundational tech masterclasses for the price of one? 


Online business tech demystified.

Ready to master WordPress, create captivating content, build your email list, get more traffic and monetize? Everything you need to know about minimum-viable, budget-friendly tech and strategy to get you started can be found inside these vintage yet timeless masterclasses. While you might not be able to follow along with these trainings click by click anymore… the basics + the strategy is still relevant! Think of these masterclasses like Netflix – they’re listed here in alphabetical order, and you just watch the ones you need or that interest you and skip the ones that don’t!

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what's included

Canva Masterclass

Easily create images for your website, blog posts, social media and more!

FB Ads Masterclass

Learn how to pick who sees your ads, how to create ads and how to run them.

Google Analytics Masterclass

Learn how to interpret your Google Analytics and use them to make decisions!

How To Build an Online Course Masterclass

Create a free or paid online course with the OptimizePress plugin!

How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Learn to earn money promoting other people’s products – the right way!

How To Write a Sales Page

Learn how to write a sales page that makes you feel like a boss and your client say yes!

Keywords + Content Calendars

In-depth keyword research training and how to create a content calendar.

Livestreaming Masterclass

Learn how to repurpose your Facebook Lives as Blog posts automatically!

Mailchimp Masterclass

Learn how to deliver your freebie + send emails with MailChimp.

Make Plus Masterclass

For Make Theme users, learn what upgrading to Make Plus will enable you to create!

Photoshop Masterclass

Learn to edit professionally-designed graphic templates in Photoshop!

Selling Coaching Packages

Set up Acuity Scheduling to book + sell your coaching packages.

Selling Digital Products

Set up Easy Digital Downloads to sell and deliver your digital products.

Selling Physical Products

Set up WooCommerce to sell, tax and ship your physical products.

SEO Masterclass

Learn about site speed, formatting your content for search engines + keywords.

Social Media Masterclass

Learn how to integrate your website with Facebook + Twitter.

Traffic Masterclass

Learn my strategy for driving traffic to your site without spending money on ads.

Video Creation Masterclass

Learn to make videos, add music + images, produce, upload + embed on your site!

Website Maintenance Masterclass

Learn how to maintain your WordPress site to keep it safe from hackers and more.

WordPress Advanced Masterclass

Learn all my techie tips + tricks to use the WordPress Classic Editor like a pro!

what's included

19 vintage yet timeless masterclasses that teach the basics + the strategy. Even if you can no longer follow some of the more technical trainings click by click, the steps and strategies are still relevant!

  • Canva Masterclass
  • Facebook Ads Masterclass
  • Google Analytics Masterclass
  • How to Do Affiliate Marketing The Right Way
  • How to Write a Compelling Sales Page
  • Keywords + Content Calendars Workshop
  • Livestreaming Masterclass
  • MailChimp Masterclass
  • Make Plus by Theme Foundry – Advanced Page Layouts
  • Photoshop Masterclass
  • Selling Coaching/Consulting Packages with Acuity Scheduling
  • Selling Digital Products with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Selling Physical Products with WooCommerce
  • SEO Masterclass
  • Social Media Masterclass
  • Traffic Traction Workshop
  • Video Creation Masterclass with Filmora
  • WordPress Tips, Tricks + Hacks (Classic Editor)
  • WordPress Website Maintenance Best Practices


Tech Masterclass Bundle
Tech Masterclass Bundle
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Common Questions

Some were made as early as 2015, and as late as 2019. The steps + screenflows shown in the tutorials may have changed, some of the tools may no longer be available or could be totally different, but the concepts I teach in them are still relevant today. That’s why this bundle is so freaking cheap – it’s more than enough to get you started and help you learn what you don’t know you need to know about a topic – but you might not be able to follow a tutorial exactly step by step.

They’ll get the job done, that’s for sure! There are a million choices out there when it comes to email list building, selling stuff online, online courses, etc. These are all tools I’ve used at one point or another in my business or for my web design clients. I’ve grown out of some of them, like MailChimp – and OptimizePress has been completely re-coded and doesn’t match my training video at all (I removed it from the offer but kept it in the bundle for those of you who have the old version)… and newer, easier tools have come along – but they’re all still relevant.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed for 3 days from the purchase date. You can request a full refund during that time frame, no questions asked. Be sure to check out the courses you wanted as soon as you buy it! No refunds will be given after 3 days. Full refund policy available here.

No, and that’s why the price is so low!  These courses are self-paced, on your own! No support is provided beyond making sure you can access the masterclasses.

No. I’ve moved my business in a different direction and I’m no longer creating masterclasses and tech tutorials.

Nope! What you see here is pretty much everything I’ve ever made a masterclass on (unless its a module inside of one of my signature courses).

Nope – you get all 19 for the price of one, and if you just want one you can watch the one you want!

Because there’s still a lot of valuable information in them! Yes, they teach how to set up the tech, but to set up the tech you need to know the strategy behind why you’re setting it up that way. And for those of you on a “micro-budget” you’ll learn a TON about online business strategy just from watching these tech trainings. Plus I keep getting asked for trainings on a lot of these topics and they haven’t changed that much.

There’s a course in here about building an online course with OptimizePress with an older version of the plugin that’s no longer supported… so even though it’s included in the bundle, I’m not technically counting it as one of the courses 🙂

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