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WDA Live Strategy Call 01-18-2022

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:39 Wendy Coop: Win: I made it!
00:00:53 Janet Hoover: Getting the work done!!
00:01:00 Trish Bovell: win
00:01:04 Megan Harrington: 3 Free consults scheduled over the next week!
00:01:05 judy: Sent 2 market research emails since last weeks call
00:01:48 Wendy Coop: Well done everyone!
00:01:55 Robin Smith: Attending your live trainings.
00:01:57 Emily Judkins: I scheduled 3 market research calls and have had 2 already
00:02:03 Rachel Briscoe: Was at your awesome live training today!
00:02:25 Tiffany Souhrada: Win: more personal then biz, but it comes as the result of biz income — finished paying off CC debt, I am official debt free!!
00:02:26 Wendy Coop: Yup, I used to be a teacher a long time ago.
00:02:31 Megan Harrington: One is a previous client. She wants to work on a website now. One is completely cold. No clue how she came to find me other than “facebook” another is a financial advisor I am working with who also wants my services
00:02:39 Wendy Coop: @Tiffany – that’s so good!
00:02:54 Robin Smith: Congrats to Tiffany! Debt free is a huge WIN!
00:03:08 Megan Harrington: Yay tiffany! That is so great!
00:03:09 Trish Bovell: Debt free is a goal
00:03:13 Trish Bovell: that’s amazing
00:03:56 Rachel Briscoe: AWESOME Tiffany!!!
00:04:06 Deanna: So bummed i missed today but yesterday was 🔥
00:06:11 Trish Bovell: that’s something I worry about
00:07:42 judy: Overflow work help?
00:09:48 Robin Smith: This is great to hear how you would handle all this work.
00:20:27 Erica Nash: It’s sooo good. I’m sending out my highest proposal to date after this call.
00:20:45 Shannon Mattern: https://courses.shannonmattern.com/web-designer-academy-2020/2022-updates/
00:29:30 Kate Newnham: QUESTION (if there’s time): If we’ve already done the first several modules, should we go through them with the updates for 2022?
00:29:44 Janet Hoover: My old process is a $500 Website Strategy Consult then (like you said) that goes towards a website and helps me figure out the proposal
00:38:12 Shannon Mattern: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ym0uVsLu-dmNWIXJTf6Bm0qkSxZy1mcxr2x22NFHpq0/copy?usp=sharing
00:41:52 Janet Hoover: QUESTION (if time) Like Leslie, I have 2 potential clients that I need to send over my intake form to and start the process (1 new and 1 a previous client) so will update my intake form and consult call questions, but am confused about this vs. an in-dept strategy call. Will the consolation replace a strategy call ? Thanks!
00:53:50 Rachel Briscoe: Such good advice
00:55:53 Rachel Briscoe: Yes, and I can totally relate
00:59:17 Deanna: Ooh – i helped a friend with a similar challenge create an email for it – here’s what we came up with
00:59:20 Deanna: “I would love to be able to do that for you – however the package you chose does not include that particular service. I do offer that as an add on for $xxx, or for $xxxx you can upgrade to the next level package and also get Larry, moe and curly as well…”
01:00:17 Leslie: @Deanna I love that.
01:03:34 Wendy Coop: I have to head out but I hope everyone has a great week!
01:04:18 Janet Hoover: Kate had a question before me 🙂
01:04:24 Kate Newnham: Wait what about my question! QUESTION (if there’s time): If we’ve already done the first several modules, should we go through them with the updates for 2022?
01:04:44 Kate Newnham: Ha thanks Janet 🙂
01:07:25 Shannon Mattern: Kate thanks for the heads up 🙂
01:13:37 Rachel Briscoe: Thank you so much for a wonderful strategy session Shannon!
01:13:41 Janet Hoover: Thank you!
01:13:43 Helen: Thank you!