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WDA Live Strategy Call 01-25-2022

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:06 Janet Hoover: Reached out to a potential dream client and she is SO ready! In the fall, but still!
00:01:46 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Win: I have about 40k out in proposals so far this month
00:02:05 Janet Hoover: YES!! Go Erika!
00:02:30 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Figuring it out as I go.
00:02:35 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Finding a method that feels right
00:02:40 Erica Nash: Sent out my highest proposal to date last week. She hasn’t decided if she wants to move forward yet, but she asked some questions and had great feedback! I’m surprisingly detached from her final decision and it feels good. Like I’m sane, lol.
00:03:11 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I always felt like it was wrong because it was different. Not remembering that different is AWESOME
00:03:28 Janet Hoover: Yep, she said I am her person
00:03:48 Lisa Doiron: While in the marketing live training this morning I got a message from someone saying they specialize in business consulting, project management and virtual events and would love to learn more about my services.
00:03:49 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Erica, that is a GREAT feeling
00:03:57 Erica Nash: Such a great feeling.
00:04:07 Nikki Bartholomew: Congrats guys!!!!!
00:04:15 leighscott: I talked to a propsective customer yesterday that runs a multi-million $ company. They texted me this morning asking me when I was going to send the proposal because they’re ready. Feeling the pressure but excited.
00:04:20 Megan Harrington: Had 4 free consults last week where I implements the pricing package strategy for the first time, landed one so far!
00:04:39 Janet Hoover: Yay, Megan!
00:05:07 Megan Harrington: Thanks Janet!
00:05:08 Nikki Bartholomew: YAY Megan!
00:05:36 Nikki Bartholomew: Get it @leigh!
00:06:22 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: I got a yes from a new client and then I’m booked out for Q1!
00:06:26 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Last time at this price
00:06:31 Erica Nash: Yay everyone! 🥳
00:06:33 Nikki Bartholomew: YAY @Mariela
00:06:48 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Thank you Nikki
00:07:03 leighscott: Thanks Nikki
00:07:24 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: I also got a new MacBook Pro, which has been a life long dream of mine… got approved for a business leasing and just got it!!
00:07:36 Nikki Bartholomew: mac book pro win!
00:07:50 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Yes to the new MacBook!
00:08:00 Janet Hoover: Ooo, exciting Mariela!
00:08:06 Caitlin Harrison: these are all so amazing to hear!! I had to skip todays live call bc my son is sick, I was bummed to miss it
00:08:09 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Thanks everyone!
00:08:54 Janet Hoover: Awww, hope he feels better soon, Caitlin
00:08:59 Nikki Bartholomew: I reached out to a dream client, that I still feel is out of my league BUT I am dreaming big and trying. Worst thing is they aren’t interested. And I sent out 6 more outreaches today… because my 2:30 appointment didn’t show lol
00:09:25 Nikki Bartholomew: Awww sick kiddos are the worst. I hope he feels better soon!
00:09:49 Nikki Bartholomew: That is AMAZING! Congrats!
00:10:03 Caitlin Harrison: thanks! he’s been fighting an ear and eye infection and also refusing his medicine… yay toddlers. so we had to run back to the dr… it was quite an adventure today the I was not planning on
00:10:07 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Nikki, that’s awesome! I’ve found when you first start reaching for the dream clients it always feels out of your league. Eventually, you realize that they’re still normal people.
00:10:18 LaShae Dorsey: wow @Mariela that’s amazing!

So many awesome wins!
00:10:31 Nikki Bartholomew: I am excited
00:10:38 Erica Nash: Gotta shoot your shot!
00:10:54 Nikki Bartholomew: LOL Kinda how I felt… sliding into their dms
00:13:11 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: That’s great, Nikki! Did you have contact with them before or did you just message them?
00:13:32 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Thank you LaShae 🙂
00:14:22 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Shannon, the super long videos right now are daunting for me… 😆
00:14:40 Nikki Bartholomew: @Mariela both. Several I am a client/customer of theirs. 1 I am on their email list. And 2 or 3 of them, we have chatted casually in the comments section. I have a few people interested from previous interactions… so slowly but surely making headway
00:15:04 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Amazing Nikki!
00:16:27 Nikki Bartholomew: @Mariela I go a little crazy sometimes and fake it til I make it mentally LOL I nearly had a panic attack once I realized who I had just sent out messages to LOL
00:16:34 Nikki Bartholomew: 2x!!!!
00:16:38 Janet Hoover: So much excitement happening!
00:16:55 Nikki Bartholomew: Drives me nuts when 2x speed is like normal speed…
00:18:10 Janet Hoover: Yep
00:18:11 Nikki Bartholomew: I just got angry for you lol
00:23:09 Nikki Bartholomew: YES! Our garage calls us if they find something new, the old one would just fix it and charge you without asking. Drove me INSANE
00:25:59 Caitlin Harrison: Nikki! <3 its sooo scary and hard to be in this space
00:26:17 Kate Newnham: Nikki – I had that for years!
00:26:46 Helen: Sending hugs Nikki – I can relate to that feeling.
00:27:04 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Oh Nikki, I started looking for jobs like 3 times last year, but then my business exploded. Hold on tight, you will get there!
00:29:26 LaShae Dorsey: I love how you evaluated that @Nikki.
00:32:53 Nikki Bartholomew: Thank you guys!
00:33:04 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Shannon remember?? I even asked you what you thought..
00:35:15 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Silly question: Where do we post the questions for this call? I thought through the emails, but that is to submit the work reviews, right? Is there a thread in the FB group?
00:35:49 LaShae Dorsey: @Mariela it’s a link in the course portal to submit questions for strategy calls.
00:36:23 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: There’s an airtable form Mariela. I think you can find the link in the course dashboard and in the google meeting link
00:37:38 Nikki Bartholomew: https://airtable.com/shrQMjgC7CiiWTBsh
00:40:08 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Oh thank you! I’ve been here so long but I still don’t get everything all the time lol..
00:40:36 Nikki Bartholomew: It took me 5 mins to find it yesterday. I read over it LOL I just read over it again
00:46:02 Megan Harrington: Go for it!
00:46:40 Megan Harrington: I see free consults as a stepping stone and setting point for professionalism
00:46:41 judy bigham: if all they are concerned about is asking about price — that could be a red flag
00:47:00 Megan Harrington: so I move to the free consult asap so they realize this is a professional service, we will do it in a meeting
00:49:23 judy bigham: great question LaShae!!
00:49:26 Valicia: Ok! Thanks Judy and Megan!
00:50:49 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Sounds like you want to be an OBM
00:50:53 Janet Hoover: Like quality assurance
00:51:01 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Or a system’s person or a Project Manager
00:55:58 Janet Hoover: Collab with a designer and a developer can be the same person or different people — you “team” for a premium experience
00:56:41 Erica Nash: LaShae, as someone who pivoted, I can confirm everything Shannon is saying. All of the steps to building and marketing are the same. This program still works, but it absolutely is like starting over. That being said, I found my sweet spot when I decided to move forward with my pivot!
00:57:50 Megan Harrington: There are designers out there who hate to do what you like to do, you could team up with them maybe
00:58:02 Nikki Bartholomew: or do I need to find an HUGE introvert who LOVES building and not people-ing
01:04:33 Nikki Bartholomew: free therapy is my favorite