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WDA Live Strategy Call 02-01-2022

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:21 Megan Harrington: I met my January income goal of $5,000!! Previously my best month was $3,800!
00:01:25 Janda White: I booked a meeting with a potential client for this week. To discuss my biggest proposal yet.
00:01:37 Rachel Briscoe: Congrats Megan!!!
00:01:39 Erica Nash: I started a project for Gucci & Kylie cosmetics today. What?!? Unreal.
00:01:50 Megan Harrington: thank you!
00:01:57 Kate Newnham: I had 2 consultation calls.
00:02:31 Deanna: I am going to be pitching my largest quote to an ex-nfl player (for his college coach’s foundation) this afternoon 😳
00:03:05 Deanna: DANG ERICA!!!! You go girl!!!
00:03:26 Valicia France: so cool! congrats Erica!
00:03:47 leighscott: wow!!
00:03:48 judy bigham: Coach who offered me a coaching session in response to my mkt research — yesterday asked if I’d be on her podcast
00:03:48 Lisa Doiron: That is amazing Erica! Wow!
00:04:16 Lisa Doiron: I have been contacted by someone who wants to refer her clients to me for website design, and one of my long term clients is ready to have her website redesigned, and I feel like I am making progress in the course.
00:04:24 Rachel Briscoe: That is out of this world Erica!!!
00:04:53 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Erica, that’s amazing! Congrats!
00:04:59 Robin Smith: I had two consultation calls. One for a refresh and one for building a new site.
00:05:18 Robin Smith: Fantastic Erica! Congrats!
00:05:20 leighscott: February is going to be my highest revenue month so far… super excited but pressure to keep it up the rest of the year
00:05:36 Erica Nash: Thanks, y’all! It is absolutely out of this world!
00:05:44 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Had a new client accept the proposal – largest package for me so far! Just waiting on contract and deposit.
00:05:46 Valicia France: I had a consultation today and about to send in a proposal but I’m all the way freaking out. eeeeekkkk
00:05:46 Lisa Doiron: Wow that’s awesome Leigh!
00:05:55 leighscott: Thanks Lisa!
00:06:00 Rachel Briscoe: I’m getting back in action and optimistic with a fresh start today 1st February!
00:06:14 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Leigh – that’s extremely exciting! Well done!
00:06:42 leighscott: Oh and I just did a website for Farrah Fawcett (not as cool as Kylie)
00:07:03 Rachel Briscoe: Leigh – are you serious!!! Wow!!!!!
00:07:29 leighscott: Lol.. yea
00:07:37 Trish Bovell: Leigh – for some of us that’s cooler
00:07:42 leighscott: haha
00:08:17 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Got my first client who is going from solo consultant to consulting firm, and that inspired me to go after that niche rather than solo consultant. But client already booked, so I’ll use her as market research and case study 😆
00:08:32 Erica Nash: Leigh, that’s way cooler! haha
00:09:01 Valicia France: yes, I definitely need support. ha!
00:09:12 Valicia France: Farah Fawcett! very cool
00:09:13 Lisa Doiron: Wow that is crazy, congrats Leigh!
00:09:15 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Oh I got an inquiry with an actress who is a speaker too!
00:09:29 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: We will have the consultation this week
00:09:31 Robin Smith: The refresh was a client I was previously working with. The new site was someone who contacted me to fix some issues they were having and it was an old site and she needed to update and old site. I fixed things and made recommendations so we had a consultation. Don’t know outcome yet.
00:09:32 Valicia France: ok! XD
00:10:13 Robin Smith: Another win. Turned down other work and passed it on to someone else.
00:17:38 Megan Harrington: I am implementing Dubsado
00:17:40 Kate Newnham: Just moved there!
00:17:45 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Dubsado for me. Honeybook isn’t available for Aussie businesses
00:17:50 Erica Nash: yep
00:17:55 leighscott: Dubsado FTW!
00:18:09 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: I bought the Black Friday deal but had to cancel it bc I can’t find the time to set it up. It’s a monster!
00:18:17 Kate Newnham: I just wish they had newsletter functionality on Dubsado!
00:18:28 Tina Paredes: Using Dubsado – also going through their education portal. I feel like I’m not using it to the fullest
00:18:42 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: I’ve just updated my proposal onboarding process (proposal + contract + invoice) in one hit and it is a GAME CHANGER. Saves SO much time!!
00:18:49 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Still doing everything with Acuity like Shannon taught us in 2017 😅
00:19:03 Megan Harrington: I got a VA to do it. It is a beast but she says that Dubsado is much better with customization of your workflows than honey book.
00:19:21 Trish Bovell: I’m still using multiple tools Need to automate
00:19:28 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Megan can I contact you about your VA?
00:19:37 Christine Westlake: I use 17hats and it’s amazing, similar to dubsado I think
00:19:54 Megan Harrington: Yep you can Mariela
00:20:01 Deanna: Do it messy and takes notes – so you can see after where you might want to add automation
00:22:03 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: It has to resonate with your target clients
00:22:21 Trish Bovell: I’m on my 3rd name
00:22:25 Kate Newnham: It’s memorable! Super important
00:23:02 Trish Bovell: I like ‘Pinky Designs”
00:23:33 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: When my biz name hit me (out of the blue, seriously) I adored it but worried people wouldn’t get it. But I have such a connection to it that I decided to go for it. And people actually LOVE it!
00:23:53 Lisa Doiron: I like it. I just used my name because I was having trouble deciding too!
00:24:11 LaShae Dorsey: I just found a copywriter who’s brand is under DamnCopy.co
00:24:18 leighscott: No one knows what my business name means and no one has ever asked
00:24:24 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: LaShae – love that name! haha
00:24:30 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: DamnCopy is on point haha
00:26:00 Rachel Briscoe: @Sez I LOVE your name! It’s awesome!
00:26:34 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Thanks Rachel. It’s personal to me and I’m more connected with my name/branding than I ever was with the old one. 🙂
00:28:01 LaShae Dorsey: It makes a difference – to be connected to and enjoy saying your business name to people. That feeling is contagious.
00:28:14 Deanna: *snort* that’s hilarious
00:33:41 Kate Newnham: I wish I joined in January instead of November…
00:35:52 Kate Newnham: Ha!!
00:35:58 Kate Newnham: Yeah but I have to redo a lot
00:36:41 Trish Bovell: Shannon – can you post the new Workbook #5 on the new curriculum page?
00:37:53 Erica Nash: Offer page
00:40:28 Laura Kåmark: @trish Module 5?
00:41:26 Trish Bovell: For the Get Your Next Dreamium Client module
00:42:28 Robin Smith: Does Erica have case studies she could share that show the success other clients have had?
00:42:33 Leigh Scott: Is there any general industry data around your service?
00:44:29 Deanna: It’s like buying a car – you can invest in a fancy car, but if you can’t drive, it’s not the cars fault 😂
00:44:53 Deanna: So maybe talk to her about strategy moving forward AFTER the project
00:44:55 Laura Kåmark: @trish it should be there now
00:45:34 Trish Bovell: yes – thanks @Laura
00:45:50 Laura Kåmark: @trish you’re welcome!
00:48:51 Erica Nash: All good things to think about, thank you!
00:59:15 Shannon Mattern: https://laurakamark.com
01:00:14 Megan Harrington: What do you typically charge for a planning session / road map?
01:00:47 Erica Nash: That was so good, Laura.
01:00:48 Megan Harrington: Follow up question do you credit the charge to their end bill if they end up booking?
01:01:14 Rachel Briscoe: So clear! Thanks Laura. Will check out your site!
01:01:54 Megan Harrington: Love it!
01:02:39 Megan Harrington: THANK YOU!
01:04:59 Kate Newnham: Unless they have a current website, most people don’t care about the backend.
01:05:02 Kate Newnham: (My experience)
01:05:33 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Yay!
01:05:36 Rachel Briscoe: Have a great week everyone!
01:05:42 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Yay! Sounds awesome 🙂
01:05:42 Robin Smith: Thank you Shannon…you are awesome!
01:05:46 Lisa Doiron: Nice, so excited!
01:05:59 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Thank you!