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WDA Live Strategy Call 02-08-2022

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:23 Rachel Briscoe: Hi all!
00:01:01 Caitlin Harrison: my win was Shannon’s excellent feedback and package matrix training
00:01:20 Janet Hoover: Amen to that!!
00:01:23 Robin Smith: Another “fix my site” client.
00:02:05 Jonno & Nay Stevens: A new client booked & paid the deposit for a design day!
00:02:09 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I withdrew my quote for a client that wasn’t the right fit!
00:02:25 Caitlin Harrison: I feel more so much relief that it’s written out and that I’m setting systems “in stone”
00:02:26 Janet Hoover: I just had a previous client say yes to a redesign/upgrade 🙂
00:02:31 Erica Nash: I had a great kick off call today for a new client. This is the first time it feels like I’ve priced sustainably and laid down a reasonable timeline so I’m not working like a crazy person. Also, I got a “not yet” on a recent proposal, and I didn’t make it mean anything about me. Huge wins.
00:02:31 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: I completed another package matrix and re-worked my home page (need to submit those)
00:02:48 phaena’s iPhone: I signed a contract for my first ever photo shoot!
00:03:14 Lisa Doiron: So far all my regular clients that I have reached out to with my new retainer client matrix have happily picked a package
00:03:15 Trish Bovell: I also scheduled a new photo shoot for my website
00:03:28 LaShae Dorsey: Oh so those notices I was getting were real? Ugh
00:04:42 LaShae Dorsey: I think that is the one of the most courageous and brave things to do business wise – to say no to a client.
00:04:52 Leigh Scott: I had a client making multi million $ revenue try to talk me down in price due to other proposals they were getting and I told them the choice is theirs and explained my value (which is stressful) and they agreed!
00:04:52 LaShae Dorsey: Congrats ladies!
00:05:20 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Impressive work everyone!!
00:06:59 phaena’s iPhone: It’s Cory! Sorry on my phone
00:07:56 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Please share! I still have to do this!
00:10:53 Rachel Briscoe: That’s amazing Leigh!!!
00:11:02 Trish Bovell: great job Leigh!
00:11:11 Rachel Briscoe: It also shows confidence!
00:11:56 Janet Hoover: I could too
00:11:59 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Me too
00:12:11 Caitlin Harrison: I was wondering the same thing, but I’m also tired of making unique packages/proposals
00:14:07 Nay Stevens: I like the idea of having options and getting them to choose.
00:16:42 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: I do that with almost all of my calls “I’ll put together a quote/proposal for you with some options” then send it through within 24-48 hours of the call
00:18:51 Caitlin Harrison: What about clients who don’t need branding? its built into the premium and mid packages
00:21:34 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Omg the progress bar
00:21:35 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: love
00:22:31 Rachel Briscoe: Ooh digital swag! Love that!
00:22:57 Caitlin Harrison: Love the physical swag as well!
00:23:06 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Welcome Destiny!!
00:23:13 Caitlin Harrison: Welcome!
00:23:14 Erica Nash: Hey Destiny!
00:23:16 Nay Stevens: welcome!!
00:23:16 LaShae Dorsey: Yay Welcome Destiny!
00:23:18 Rachel Briscoe: Hey Destiny!!!
00:23:21 Lisa Doiron: Welcome Destiny!
00:23:30 Destiny Kitchen: Hi everyone! Thank you!!
00:24:07 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Such a good question
00:24:18 Janet Hoover: Excellent question!
00:24:30 phaena’s iPhone: So many great questions today!
00:25:18 Janet Hoover: Oooo I love that!
00:25:30 Nay Stevens: LOVE this!!!
00:26:05 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: So is this the type of thing you have zap’ed? If you move an item into another column, an email is sent? (Maybe a topic for when we do that digital platform meeting)
00:26:32 Lisa Doiron: I am in the process of setting up Dubsado. Would this be what I would set up for the pipeline?
00:28:08 Rachel Briscoe: Yes really helpful
00:28:14 Caitlin Harrison: so helpful!
00:28:30 Robin Smith: Would love a copy of the WDA Project Schedule Template.
00:28:52 Erica Nash: I had developed a google sheet that tracked phases of projects and gave me a timeline of where everyone was and when I could take on my next project. It changes color for an at glance view. If I can find it, I’d be happy to share. It would require a loom to explain.
00:28:52 Rachel Briscoe: I’d love that too
00:28:53 Valicia France: the management of the creative process looks easier in Asana than in Dubsado
00:29:01 Janet Hoover: I have a task board in Dubsado for each project, but I like this where you can see everyone in the different columns vs having to go look at an individual project
00:29:31 LaShae Dorsey: @Erica that would be awesome. I’d definitely love a copy
00:29:32 Valicia France: yes, sales, invoicing, overall project l, but not granular to creative details
00:29:35 Valicia France: IMO
00:29:45 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Dubsado is great for the automation and workflows in the CRM/sales side, but not as much with the project management. I use Asana for that as well.
00:29:50 Erica Nash: If I can find it, I’ll share!
00:30:18 Caitlin Harrison: the big part of this is also the boundaries and setting the schedule for what actually fits into a day/week
00:30:39 Nay Stevens: So true Caitlin!
00:30:59 LaShae Dorsey: whaaa?!? lol. Nope we don’t have that power
00:31:25 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Ugh…I struggle with this every day
00:31:29 Nay Stevens: lol LaShae!!
00:43:21 Kate Newnham: That happened to me once and she was manic and ADD.
00:43:56 LaShae Dorsey: Yes that is an ADHD kind of thing AND she might have been getting other feedback from someone else that was confusing her
00:44:16 Kate Newnham: Great job on saying no up front @Sez!
00:45:51 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: And she’s probably the right client for someone else but you just know it’s not you!! So great job!!
00:46:27 LaShae Dorsey: That is a great point – you were actually able to hold your boundaries no matter where they had gotten to in your process @Sez
00:47:16 Robin Smith: Proud of you @Sez. Takes a lot to say No to a client.
00:47:36 Erica Nash: That’s so great!
00:47:43 Laura Kåmark: This is such an important conversation. So proud of you @sez
00:48:05 Janet Hoover: Good for you!!
00:48:21 Nay Stevens: Good on you Sez!!
00:48:39 Kate Newnham: LOVE Schitt’s creek!!!
00:48:46 Janet Hoover: Ditto!
00:49:18 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Thanks so much, guys – really appreciate all the support 🙂
00:49:27 Robin Smith: I learn from others questions.
00:49:29 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: You are my people! These meetings are fun!
00:49:39 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: Oh Patrick!
00:50:24 Kaila – HeyKaila Media: My brain is all over the place ALL the time. I just tell myself it means growth!!
00:50:33 Laura Kåmark: I love these calls. I always catch the podcast replay when I miss them or parts of them.
00:51:39 Kate Newnham: Would anyone be open to practicing the client consultation with me? I learned this stuff but when I open my mouth, it’s a lot harder… I’ll listen to yours too 🙂
00:52:07 LaShae Dorsey: Yes @Kate I would love to do that with you
00:52:20 Kate Newnham: Omg thank you @LaShae!
00:52:30 Kate Newnham: I’ll DM you
00:53:22 LaShae Dorsey: OK @Kate look forward to it.
00:56:13 Valicia France: great idea. cause I need work lol
00:57:46 Lisa Doiron: Thank you Shannon!
00:57:48 Rachel Briscoe: Thanks Shannon and everyone!
00:57:52 LaShae Dorsey: Thanks!