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WDA Live Strategy Call 04-13-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:30 Erica Nash: How are you feeling, Shannon??
00:00:47 Parisa: It’s the launch week for my course!
00:00:58 Laura Kåmark: I was going to submit a question but #life happened
00:01:08 Lori Reeves: I have been building out the materials for my website build-along and the free training and it’s all on fire!!! I’m so excited about it!
00:01:29 Erica Nash: I’ve had three market research calls, they’ve been so good!
00:01:30 Heather VandeRiet: Such a busy week!! Revamped my whole website, got my freebie going, email funnel put together, and LTO…finished a project with a friend’s social media, and my book is released in less than two weeks! Plus you know, keeping tiny humans alive
00:01:38 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: That’s exactly how my husband and I were looking at how we felt.
00:01:51 Heather VandeRiet: I’m sorry you feel cruddy Shannon but glad you got your shot!
00:02:29 Jennifer Westbrook: I’m proud that I’ve been doing some Top 25 work, and I’ve sent out a “now booking” email to my list.
00:02:31 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: My win: almost finished with my sales page for Course Sorcery Setup Kit
00:02:42 Leslie Zemenek: I start my first client website tomorrow. I finally stopped tweaking my logo and I’m super happy with it.
00:02:49 Heather VandeRiet: Yay Parisa!
00:02:50 Laura Kåmark: Win: Two discovery calls after this call
00:03:00 Cory Peterson: I had a great consult on Friday – fingers crossed!
00:03:07 Robin Smith: If I have an item I need you to look at for advice. Do I put it in work to review or question?
00:03:32 Parisa: I love that she knows I’ll be having mindset issues 😀 Shannon just gets us
00:04:17 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Oooo!! Another win!!! We’re doing another Clubhouse Q&A on Thurs Apr 22nd at 11am PST/1pm CST/2pm EST
00:04:54 Leslie Zemenek: Hoping I make it through this entire call. I lost my power twice already today. If I disappear don’t take it personally.
00:04:58 Lori Reeves: Robin, that would be something you’d send for a review
00:05:54 Laura Kåmark: @Leslie Logo tweaking is such a problem
00:07:11 Parisa: WOHHOO
00:07:24 Parisa: We can add Shannon as a co-mod
00:07:25 Jennifer Westbrook: Is Clubhouse still for Apple only?
00:07:27 Lori Reeves: I’m scared of the Clubhouse thing..why am I???
00:07:51 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: It’s SOOO much fun!
00:08:10 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Oh we totally did that hahaha
00:08:10 Robin Smith: I like clubhouse but haven’t found the group. What is the name on clubhouse?
00:08:14 Erica Nash: Barb, please put it in the group as a reminder!
00:08:18 Laura Kåmark: Parisa did that for all of us on a zoom
00:08:34 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I totes mcgoats will make a post in the WDA Fam Jam group
00:08:58 Leslie Zemenek: ConvertKit just announced that they added countdown timers
00:09:13 Lori Reeves: I might crowdsource ideas for my free training, too. I have a LOT of ideas for it, but def want to make sure it’s a HOT training that people feel is an AMAZING free give.
00:09:17 Jennifer Westbrook: PowR App is an option, plus ConvertKit just launched a timer, but it requires an expiration date.
00:09:51 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I do like how hands off Deadline Funnel is.
00:10:07 Lori Reeves: How much is deadline funnel?
00:10:12 Kelli Femrite: Yes I tried the countdown timer in Convert Kit; fail. lol…doesn’t work too well for an evergreen offer
00:10:18 Heather VandeRiet: The low end is 49
00:10:19 Juanita Dailey: Sorry, I miss the Clubhouse info. What’s the name of the club so I can search for it and follow?
00:10:19 Laura Kåmark: @robin what is your clubhouse handle?
00:11:08 Cory Peterson: For now I just decided to put an evergreen countdown using the elementor widget on my LTO page and when it expires, it redirects to website assessment page (with full prices listed)
00:11:33 Lori Reeves: If it’s pertinent, my Clubhouse handle is @brandstrength
00:11:36 Laura Kåmark: @juanita I don’t think we made a club. We have an event (no clue what I’m talking about) Her his the link https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/xBX06n01
00:11:48 Amy Reis: I just did one with elementor.
00:13:23 Amy Reis: you can redirect it when the time is up
00:13:52 Juanita Dailey: @Laura Thanks 🙂
00:14:58 Leslie Zemenek: Erica, cute pup!
00:15:13 Erica Nash: 🙂 Thank you! She’s a princess
00:15:55 Lori Reeves: What he’s asking for isn’t web design. It’s computer programming. Two different beasts.
00:16:14 Heather VandeRiet: Yeah…I’m overwhelmed just hearing that LOL
00:16:23 Parisa: He’s asking a webapp
00:17:49 Lori Reeves: If your stomach turns (and you know what I mean) as you’re thinking about DOING this work…maybe it’s not the right project to involve yourself in.
00:18:15 Lori Reeves: Stomach churning and butterflies are not the same thing LOL
00:18:37 Erica Nash: @Lori, right?! Why do we confuse them sometimes?? LOL
00:18:50 Lori Reeves: Ooh…I heard something today that is SO relevant to this…
00:21:56 Kelli Femrite: LOVE tHIS
00:22:02 Jennifer Westbrook: That’s right, Lori!
00:22:09 Laura Kåmark: @barb You’re killing me
00:22:20 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: My coffee’s kicked in hahaha
00:22:28 Kelli Femrite: I just told my husband last night I left my day job for a reason…I get to choose what I do.
00:22:58 Juanita Dailey: Haha 😆 Barb
00:23:20 Lori Reeves: I turned down a woman asking me for website help the other day because it wasn’t a project that I wanted to dive into. I told my boyfriend, and he said, “So you’re turning down work now?” LOL Uh….YEAH if it’s work I don’t WANT to do!!
00:23:23 Laura Kåmark: @kelli I said almost that exact same thing to my husband
00:23:55 Juanita Dailey: @Laura… husbands want to see the money. My hubby’s the same way
00:25:38 Kelli Femrite: Yep!! Sometimes it’s not the right fit and that’s ok.
00:25:41 Heather VandeRiet: My friend wanted me to keep doing her social media, she wasn’t ready for me to hand it back to her lol but I’m like nope, I’m good
00:25:52 Laura Kåmark: @heather good job!!!
00:26:12 Erica Nash: And just because we CAN do something, definitely doesn’t mean we SHOULD
00:26:52 Pamela Truax: I need to hear this today.
00:27:16 Erica Nash: When we say yes to something, we’re saying no to something else.
00:27:21 Laura Kåmark: @Erica YESSSSS!!!
00:27:28 Lori Reeves: But that lower income can keep you from having the time to RECEIVE a higher paying client, too
00:27:28 Parisa: And if you just want to keep is small that also OKAY
00:27:58 Laura Kåmark: @lori exactly…saying no to a wrong fit opens up your schedule for the right client
00:28:02 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Can I just say how epically amazeballs it is to have the all-in support of our husbands? They believe in our abilities and that, y’all, is ridonkulously beautiful!
00:28:25 Erica Nash: @Barb YES
00:28:28 Laura Kåmark: @barb yes!!! My husband is always so supportive (even if he has no idea what I do)
00:28:48 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Mine is walking around this week talking about when I retire him. WHEN! Woohoo!!
00:28:55 Heather VandeRiet: @Barb I am so thankful for my hubby, he’s been great
00:29:12 Erica Nash: @Barb, same! haha
00:29:15 Lori Reeves: My boyfriend is ultimately supportive but also doesn’t really understand what I do, so when I talk about it, he gets lost (even though he’s REALLY smart LOL and when he talks about his work I’m pretty lost, too).
00:29:18 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Aw Hubby McHubbybritches.
00:29:37 Laura Kåmark: I have another one if no one else has a question
00:30:01 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I have a question too! 😀
00:31:08 Parisa: I have a mindset block (as predicted) that I’d want to talk about
00:31:57 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Oh Parisa you go before me. I think mine is more of a review type of thing.
00:32:22 Parisa: Awww thanks @Barb
00:33:17 Lori Reeves: And Kelli, do they already have ALL OF the things that you’re going to implement? Or are there pieces that they don’t have yet? E.g. an opt-in, a follow-up email sequence, etc. If they don’t have all of those, they could possibly be included in the highest. 

Mid-level, you just set up what they have.
00:35:47 Pamela Truax: Way to go!!
00:36:24 Kelli Femrite: Thanks @Lori. Yes I can market the high end package as “I set up everything for you.”
00:36:25 Heather VandeRiet: Virtual Hug Parisa
00:36:36 Lori Reeves: Do you have a sales page that we can look at? If so, post it in the FB group and if it’s messaging that needs to be tweaked, then we can workshop that.
00:36:49 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I wanted to buy your course, @Parisa!
00:36:51 Lori Reeves: Oh. That question was for Parisa
00:37:30 Lori Reeves: Parisa, Did you include a fast-action bonus that people only get when they sign up quickly?
00:38:00 Laura Kåmark: I almost never buy anything until the last minute (sometimes I keep the sales page open and have been able to purchase after the cart closed)
00:38:24 Kelli Femrite: @Laura me too! I have some sales pages opened my phone right now lol
00:39:13 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I always wait til the last minute too. LoL
00:39:53 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I’ll open it on my phone and if I’m REALLY intrigued, I’ll email the link to myself haha
00:40:41 Laura Kåmark: Mind trash!
00:40:41 Lori Reeves: AND if you don’t get the response you want, bring it to the group and we’ll crowdsource some ideas to make it much better the next time. Like, what can you do before you pitch the course to really get people excited about it?
00:40:46 Erica Nash: Creating and launching a course is a huge victory in and of itself!!
00:43:46 Heather VandeRiet: @barb We need to make a t-shirt or coffee cup of that quote
00:43:55 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Ok?!?!
00:44:14 Heather VandeRiet: Lol I’m just saying…it was kind of great
00:44:22 Lori Reeves: Change your mindset from SEEING if this will work (where if it doesn’t quite meet your definition of “working” gives you fuel to give up) to being committing to finding out what the key is FOR THIS TO WORK. It’s such a different way to look at it.
00:44:38 Erica Nash: @Lori, SO GOOD
00:44:57 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
00:45:25 Robin Smith: That is excellent!
00:45:34 Laura Kåmark: Read or audible???
00:45:39 Robin Smith: Put title of book in here.
00:45:43 Erica Nash: What was the title again?
00:45:52 Laura Kåmark: The middle finger project
00:45:52 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: It’s a New Moon in Aries too!!! FIRE!!!
00:45:53 Lori Reeves: Ash’s book is The Middle Finger Project
00:46:02 Lori Reeves: I READ the book
00:46:03 Heather VandeRiet: I definitely plan to get that book!
00:46:07 Lori Reeves: And I’m listening to audio books, too
00:46:52 Lori Reeves: I’m also listening to The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and it’s really good, too!
00:47:33 Kelli Femrite: I just finished reading “It’s not your money” by Tosha Silver…anyone wanting to get their money mindset in check highly recommend…and it’s not the “manifesting money” stuff….it’s so much deeper
00:47:46 Lori Reeves: Writing that down, Kelli!
00:47:57 Kelli Femrite: Yes, it’s soooo good! I keep re-reading passages
00:48:12 Laura Kåmark: I have a discovery call and need to hop off! You are all amazing!!!! I’ll crowdsource my other question in the group!!
00:48:19 Parisa: You guys are all amazing! Thanks to all of you! <3 00:48:20 Heather VandeRiet: Good luck Laura! 00:48:22 Erica Nash: I would love a collaborative doc with all the book recs! 00:48:32 Parisa: @Heather <3 <3 00:48:34 Lori Reeves: Erica, that’s a GREAT idea 00:49:32 Parisa: @Barb you’re so stinken kind <3 00:49:37 Kelli Femrite: Love the book rec idea! I'm a book nerd! 00:49:46 Lori Reeves: Me too Kelli! 00:50:00 Erica Nash: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_KvhYJDjt4uxWJ3qrqKsnaYkNb9xWdcJxoK7duSBPY4/edit?usp=sharing 00:50:01 Erica Nash: Done 00:50:09 Lori Reeves: You ROCK Erica! 00:50:12 Cory Peterson: Awesome Erica!!! 00:50:13 Kelli Femrite: Thanks Erica!! 00:50:27 Erica Nash: It’s open so everyone can edit 00:50:32 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Awww @Parisa!! Thank you! 💘 I appreciate you!! All the fam! 00:51:58 Juanita Dailey: Lol 😂 @barb @lori 00:52:09 Lori Reeves: Barb had a question 00:52:47 Kelli Femrite: Gotta jump off to get my daughter.....you guys are amazing!! See you in the group! 00:52:57 Lori Reeves: Bye Kelli! 00:53:12 Heather VandeRiet: Bye Kelli! 00:53:26 Kelli Femrite: see you later! have a great day everyone 🙂 00:53:45 Lori Reeves: Anything we’ll put in front of an audience, too? Like my signup page for my free training? 00:54:01 Lori Reeves: WOO to the HOO 00:55:09 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Oooo! I forgot about the podcast! I've gotta research that. 00:55:46 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: bring it on!!! 00:55:49 Robin Smith: Sounds Amazing! 00:55:50 Parisa: I WANT 00:55:53 Robin Smith: Bring it on. 00:56:07 Leslie Zemenek: I like having a deadline. Sounds good to me. 00:56:27 Robin Smith: It won't be my first client...but it will help me get a new client in 30 days. 00:56:31 Jennifer Westbrook: I kinda hate challenges but I think it's because I've never gotten results and then feel totally depressed when it's over. But I'll still participate. LOL 00:57:05 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: (((((hugs @Jennifer))))) 00:57:21 Jennifer Westbrook: Thanks, Barb!!! 🙂 00:57:37 Lori Reeves: And we can do things that make us all vomit together 00:57:37 Erica Nash: Reframing what it means to be successful 00:57:56 Parisa: I feel the same Jennifer but with the support of this community I think it would be different 00:58:17 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: OMG Shannon!! You are the bomb diggity!! 00:58:44 Leslie Zemenek: There’s some quote about failure that I love - it says that the most successful people were willing to fail a lot. I can look it up and post it in the group later. 00:58:53 Jennifer Westbrook: I agree, Parisa! 00:58:54 Robin Smith: Shannon creates more work for herself....but we love it! 00:59:51 Robin Smith: Thank you! 00:59:52 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: nobody wants a flogging 00:59:55 Lori Reeves: Yay! Hope you feel better all evening