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WDA Live Strategy Call 04-27-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:38 Laura Kåmark: YOUR HAIR!!!!! 😍
00:01:08 Juanita: Very pretty
00:01:24 Laura Kåmark: Can we go again if we already went?
00:01:24 Wendy Coop: Win: My article for Entrepreneur.com was retweeted by Entrepreneur Mexico! I’m international!
00:01:39 Cory Peterson: Ok this is minor, but I got my first organic addition to my email list! Still exciting!
00:01:51 Wendy Coop: @Cory – that’s major!
00:01:56 Laura Kåmark: Alecia’s feedback workshop on Friday was 🤯
00:02:06 Erica Nash: I JUST received the email with an offer to do some white label work for that agency I sent it off to yesterday! Already have a project next week. (Once I respond, literally just got it before I clicked to join!)
00:02:19 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: YAY Erica!!!!
00:02:30 Wendy Coop: woo hoo, Erica!
00:03:16 Heather VandeRiet: My book was released on Amazon!!! And I have another consultation tomorrow!
00:03:16 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I had a GREAT discovery call earlier with my ideal client and it went AWESOME!! She’s eager for me to send my proposal today! (I also submitted a Q last minute)
00:03:47 Alex Edwards: I signed 2 clients for my middle package last week! So excited to work with them!! 😍
00:03:49 Wendy Coop: Everyone is doing so well! Congrats everyone!
00:03:50 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Also win!! Erica and I live SO close!!!! We can meet IRL!!! And I’m SOOOOO stoked!!
00:04:05 Erica Nash: Yes Barb! haha
00:04:19 Helen: My win – I booked my first client who is also my first day rate client.
00:05:11 Parisa: Wooho
00:05:39 Juanita: Wow, this is so amazing!
00:05:45 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I’m implementing the validation process for my Course Sorcery setup!!!
00:05:54 Juanita: Congratulations, everyone!
00:05:56 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: And I’m LOVING it!
00:06:33 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Shannon’s strategy WORKS!
00:06:52 Cory Peterson: I did exactly what Shannon just said last week – it was definitely the pep talk I needed
00:07:23 Erica Nash: I may have to verbal vomit some stuff soon
00:08:09 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Dang it! I need to submit my sales page for you to check out, Shannon! Gah!
00:09:34 Lori Reeves: Erica, what platform do you build in?
00:11:07 Erica Nash: Showit, wix, Squarespace
00:11:23 Wendy Coop: Do they give you the option to see a mobile preview?
00:11:42 Erica Nash: Yes, and for the most part, I can design separately
00:11:49 Wendy Coop: Oh, good!
00:11:55 Wendy Coop: You’re most of the way there!
00:12:38 Laura Kåmark: I had totally forgotten
00:12:42 Laura Kåmark: I don’t use Ems!!!!
00:12:58 Lori Reeves: Good point. I forget about ems sometimes, too!
00:13:35 Laura Kåmark: @barb, want to add ems to the vw walkthrough?
00:13:43 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Definitely!!!
00:13:49 Laura Kåmark: @barb you’re the best
00:20:22 Parisa: I leave out the navigation but link my home page in the footer and I find people click on that a lot
00:21:22 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: That’s where I’ve been leaning @Parisa
00:24:01 Parisa: Your taking them through the journey you want, isn’t that UX in its own?
00:29:03 Parisa: Yeah I’ve said no to something like this in the past 😀
00:29:35 Parisa: Oh yah!
00:34:33 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Are you open to payment plans?
00:35:16 Kelli Femrite: I am open to payment plans
00:42:51 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Great question, @Parisa!
00:43:43 Wendy Coop: I have heard that’s a great conversion rate for a home page!
00:45:10 Juanita: I think it’s 10% conversion rate
00:46:28 Laura Kåmark: I did a google search and campaignmonitor.com (showed up first) says: As mentioned earlier, there is no set ideal opt-in conversion rate. What marketers should monitor is the trend in conversion rates over time.
00:46:59 Laura Kåmark: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/knowledge-base/what-is-a-good-conversion-rate-for-an-opt-in-landing-page/
00:47:08 Juanita: Here’s a good article https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/03/17/what-is-a-good-conversion-rate
00:48:23 Lori Reeves: That’s a sales page, though not opt-in freebie
00:53:35 Juanita: 25% is really good!
00:54:20 Laura Kåmark: Imperfect action
00:54:43 Wendy Coop: Just listen to the book Chillpreneur. You’ll be straight after that!
00:54:52 Lori Reeves: It’s just data at this point
00:55:05 Wendy Coop: Much thanks to Laura for turning me on to that book!
00:56:25 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Ahhhh they’re tortoises
00:56:54 Laura Kåmark: mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day 🤷‍♀️
00:57:05 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: @Laura I love that
00:57:18 Parisa: @Laura lol
00:59:37 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I’m curious if they’re problem aware or solution aware. (I almost typed soulution haha)
00:59:46 Wendy Coop: @barb – yes!
01:00:28 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: these would FABULOUS FB Lives!
01:01:05 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Does someone have a Giant trying to break in?
01:01:06 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: haha
01:01:49 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I was just making sure this isn’t a horror movie in the making
01:01:58 Laura Kåmark: lol
01:02:04 Laura Kåmark: Thanks everyone!!!!
01:02:25 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: get video testimonials if possible!
01:02:26 Lori Reeves: I have other thoughts for you, too, Parisa, so I’ll put them in the book of faces!
01:02:49 Parisa: Awww thanks @Lori
01:02:54 Lori Reeves: You’re welcome!