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WDA Live Strategy Call 05-04-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:33 Wendy Coop: Hello everyone!
00:00:36 Laura Kåmark: Heyyyyyy friends!!!
00:00:38 Erica Nash: Heyyyyyyy
00:00:51 Heather VandeRiet: Hello friends!!
00:00:59 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Hey hey hey!!! I’ve been missin’ the Dub Dee Ayyy Fam Jam!
00:01:03 Wendy T.: Hi all! I’m new here 🙂
00:01:03 Cory Peterson: Hey friends! Good to see you all!
00:01:09 Wendy Coop: Hi other Wendy!
00:01:22 Laura Kåmark: Win: I got my second vaccine and took some time off to recover
00:01:41 Nay Stevens: So nice to see everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get on the call. So nice to be back. Welcome new members!
00:01:44 Erica Nash: Let’s see, I guess a win on my end would be getting my social media accounts in order. It really intimidates me, but I’m doing it!
00:01:59 Lori Reeves: Win: I did my free informational session last Thursday for the first time and it went GREAT! And I’m so grateful that 3 WDAers hopped on to support me!! So much love!
00:02:00 Laura Kåmark: Naomi!!! Yay!!!
00:02:01 Cory Peterson: Wins – figuring out a more authentic feeling way of marketing/networking.
00:02:09 Wendy T.: @WendyCoop It’s not a very common name, so I’m always surprised when there’s another Wendy.
00:02:09 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Win: I have my first podcast interview tomorrow!

I also got my 2nd organic lead and she booked a zero-pressur convo!! Soooo excited!!
00:02:32 Robin Smith: Excellent press trip last week. Now back to work on the web page I’m working on.
00:02:46 Steve Horn: Learning to set boundaries better with a client. They actually are happy as a result.
00:03:09 Ruha Thurairatnam: I tightened up my client onboarding process
00:03:12 Bobbi Wharran: I finally let go of a retainer client that I didn’t totally love working with.
00:03:20 Laura Kåmark: @cory I want to hear more about that!!!!
00:03:41 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Win: I did my very first solo FB Live last week and I LOVED it!!! So much that I plan on doing another this week!
00:04:13 Lori Reeves: I’m not tweaked or anything…we’ve had our door open to let the gorgeous warm air (and apparently a whole swarm of flies) in!!
00:04:25 Wendy Coop: I need Barb’s momentum in my writing business! Love seeing all of these wins!
00:05:04 Wendy Coop: @Lori – LOL
00:05:36 Lori Reeves: Yay Bobbi!!!
00:06:13 Erica Nash: @Lori 😂😂
00:06:14 Lori Reeves: @Parisa, I haven’t forgotten you!! I’m just totally slammed trying to get my own sales page created. I’ll give yours my eyeballs soon!! xoxo
00:06:26 Cory Peterson: @laura – just focusing on a few FB groups, making more authentic connections – changing the focus to “networking” and “how can I help them” – and… views to my website and inquiries have really started going up!
00:07:16 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Yessss!!! @Cory that’s exactly what I’ve been doing too!! And BOOM! It’s rockin and Rollin!
00:07:22 Parisa: Thank you @Lori <3 no worries at all. Take your time 00:08:06 Heather VandeRiet: I would love to learn about UX 00:08:14 Parisa: Yaaaas UX design 00:08:18 Wendy Coop: Does it have to be design related? 00:08:18 Jo-Anne Clifford: yes to UX (no pressure Barb 😉 lol) 00:08:34 Laura Kåmark: UX pleaseeeees 00:08:36 Erica Nash: That’s a cool idea, Shannon. You know teaching is my jam 😆 00:08:40 Lori Reeves: After I typed up the book I wrote about web accessibility today I realized I could totally do a training on that! 00:08:53 Laura Kåmark: @lori yesssss 00:09:18 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: You sure could @Lori! 00:09:20 Nay Stevens: yes @lori! 00:09:28 Robin Smith: I'm away on the 18th. But interested in the future. 00:09:44 Parisa: If anyone of you has experience with interactive design I’d LOVE that 00:10:11 Jo-Anne Clifford: yes to #allofthethings 🙂 00:10:21 Nay Stevens: yes #allthethings 00:11:59 Shannon Mattern: Aisha Crumbine - crumbineed.com 00:14:16 Steve Horn: How can we determine these numbers? 00:14:19 Cory Peterson: I am not sure if this is the same, but I just added this to my reading list yesterday from a business coach’s email: Grant Cardone The 10X Rule 00:14:45 Lori Reeves: If they have offerings that you can see how much they charge for the services they offer, then it’s pretty easy to figure out how long it would take them to recoup. 00:15:00 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: @Lori nailed it! 00:15:37 Ruha Thurairatnam: I actually ask potential clients what they're making now and what they want to make in the next 12 months 00:15:37 Lori Reeves: But being able to talk to them about how much easier it will be to fill a high-ticket offering with a MUCH more professional website, that makes it a much easier sale in their mind. 00:15:38 Erica Nash: That is a good way to help them reframe and get over those objections, too 00:16:01 Lori Reeves: Erica and I are on the same brain wavelength! 00:19:20 Laura Kåmark: 4.4.5 – Creating Your Starter Site 00:19:31 Lori Reeves: Laura’s on it, doggonit! 00:19:49 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Always! Laura's the bomb diggity! 00:20:51 Lori Reeves: Ruha, could you create a list of questions that you’ll be needing the answers for and send those along so they can be sure to address them when you start? 00:23:10 Wendy T.: I’m curious how many hours you all are working? Are most of you FT or PT? 00:23:48 Lori Reeves: Wendy T, I am FT and I work probably close to 50 hours a week for now. But I’m bad about taking days off. I take portions of some days off, but hardly ever a fully day off… 00:24:08 Heather VandeRiet: @ Wendy T. I set my afternoons aside to work and I don’t work on weekends. So about 20-30 hours/week 00:24:33 Laura Kåmark: @wendy I’m 3 days a week, and sometimes Friday. My kiddos are 2 and 5 and in preschool Tues-Thurs and sometimes go to grandmas for the day on Fridays 00:24:46 Erica Nash: I am FT also. Super strict about my schedule. Working about 30 hours/week. I do not work Friday afternoons. 00:24:46 Cory Peterson: @Wendy T - I work about 9-3 during the week (when kids in school) 00:25:08 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: @Wendy T, I work on client goodness from 11am-5pm Tues - Thurs. Mon & Fri are what @Erica calls CEO days where I work on my business. Now, sticking to that is an adventure in and of itself. LoL 00:25:24 Nay Stevens: I'm PT - probably about 25 hours p/w. No set schedule yet, still working on that 00:25:28 Jo-Anne Clifford: Wendy, full time / around 3 kids. But I'd say I work 40hrs give or take each week. 🙂 00:25:48 Erica Nash: CEO days are a mussttttt. Mine are Thursday afternoon and Friday morning 00:25:58 Kelli Femrite: I missed the beginning of the call, but I had a major win today! The client that wanted a maintenance package booked a VIP Day with me!! 00:26:05 Lori Reeves: Woohoo Kelli!! 00:26:10 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Woohoooo @Kelli!!!!!!! 00:26:11 Erica Nash: @barb, do you think you’re getting better about sticking to your CEO days? 00:26:12 Cory Peterson: Congrats Kelli!!!! 00:26:19 Kelli Femrite: thank you 00:26:20 Erica Nash: Yay kelli!! 00:26:20 Jo-Anne Clifford: Woohoo Kelli! that's great. 00:26:37 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: @Erica I am!!! So far so good! This is my first week I'm sticking to it. hehehehe 00:26:46 Lori Reeves: One step at a time, Barb!!! 00:26:47 Erica Nash: Only up from here! 00:27:16 Kelli Femrite: I just spent like 2 hours figuring out my tech stack lol...HoneyBook is not user friendly for trying to schedule larger blocks of time (like for a day rate.) But I got all the info sent over to her and an invoice sent 00:27:26 Parisa: I say go for it. You’ll build your email list and when your ready can sell to them 00:27:34 Wendy T.: Thanks everyone. I’m glad to hear there’s a variety of FT/PT. 00:27:43 Erica Nash: yesssssss 00:27:51 Lori Reeves: Kelli, I saw someone say recently that they’ve replaced Honeybook with Notion (and she’s not paying for it). 00:27:53 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I'm SO down!!! 00:27:53 Parisa: Cooooool 00:28:00 Lori Reeves: DOWN with co-working!!!! 00:28:03 Kelli Femrite: @Lori good to know 00:28:04 Wendy T.: That would be great! 00:28:06 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: More Fam Jam time!!! 00:28:15 Lori Reeves: @Kelli I don’t know much about it, but I have heard people RAVE about it. 00:29:20 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Plus it gives you a deadline to get it done, not perfect. WTG, Kelli!! 00:29:48 Lori Reeves: Done not perfect - my new motto!! 00:30:17 Kelli Femrite: I love the saying "progress over perfection" 00:30:24 Lori Reeves: Me too Kelli 00:30:31 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I dig it!! 00:30:45 Lori Reeves: @Kelli I think I have a book with that title… 00:30:48 Laura Kåmark: After Aleica’s feedback workshop I’m trying so much harder to do it messy 00:30:50 Jo-Anne Clifford: my motto is done is better than perfect. same same. 😉 I live by it! (or id never get anything done) 00:31:04 Lori Reeves: ME TOO Laura!!! Just getting it the @$#^ out there! 00:32:14 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: The magic email... https://www.winwithoutpitching.com/magic-email/ 00:32:40 Laura Kåmark: Subject: Closing The Loop Hi [FirstName]; I haven’t heard back from you on [project/opportunity] so I’m going to assume you’ve gone in a different direction or your priorities have changed. Let me know if we can be of assistance in the future. Regards, [You] 00:33:19 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: It's a beautiful way to wrap it up and sometimes give them a feeling of "oh no! I don't want to miss out!" 00:33:30 Lori Reeves: And following up doesn’t = 100% sales rate (::sad trumpet::) 00:33:32 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Plus Blair Enns is amazeballs. 00:34:05 Laura Kåmark: Last week I sent out emails to all past clients and leads letting them know my prices just went up and if their website to do list is getting long I’d love to help them out 00:34:12 Jo-Anne Clifford: it gives closure, either way. ghosting is the worst though! argh! 00:34:44 Kelli Femrite: Love that @Barb, and @Laura such a great idea! 00:34:50 Lori Reeves: And she just keeps throwing red flags out there LOL 00:35:12 Laura Kåmark: I had a discovery call a month or so ago and she had said she wanted to book, I saw a bunch of red flags so when I never heard from her after my call follow up email I took her off my mental list 00:36:58 Wendy Coop: I have to hop off but I’ll see you all next week! 00:37:03 Lori Reeves: Bye Wendy! 00:38:20 Heather VandeRiet: Yeah ghosting does not feel good lol Thank you for the feedback though ladies! 00:38:34 Lori Reeves: And it reassures you that you did everything you should have. 00:38:46 Heather VandeRiet: That’s definitely how I feel lol 00:38:54 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I don't think of questions until we get ON this call. LoL 00:39:29 Kelli Femrite: Yes!! 00:39:53 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: This reminds me... I need to re-heat my email list... Anyone have any tips on what to send out to reengage them? Would a heyyyyyyy I'm Barb reintroduction email be the best to start with? 00:40:17 Laura Kåmark: @barb I have a call with a designer today who doesn’t want to do development so we are looking at joining VIP day forces 00:40:55 Lori Reeves: Ooh Laura!! Could be a match made in heaven!! 00:43:47 Ruha Thurairatnam: I have one collab with a social media agency and we're offering referral fees to each other anytime someone referred becomes a client 00:44:24 Jo-Anne Clifford: I am trying to go down this route too Ruha. To keep our own finances separate and reduce risk. 🙂 00:44:30 Lori Reeves: @Barb, I watched a video just this morning about re-warming up your email list! If we have time I’ll unmute and recap. 00:45:16 Laura Kåmark: @lori yes please!!! Drafting reengagement email is on my to-do list for today 00:45:41 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: @Lori yes please! 00:46:06 Nay Stevens: I was actually just thinking about that today, trying to remember the last time I sent an email to my list... 00:46:40 Parisa: I’ve been hearing $50 for each client but I feel its too low for our packages 00:47:59 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Ooooo!!! This is GOLD! I was JUST thinking about this!! 00:48:42 Laura Kåmark: So If I was changing out my freebie, would it make sense to send them all the new freebie as a gift? 00:48:59 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I was thinking the SAME thing @Laura! 00:49:03 Erica Nash: I’m literally working on an email workflow right now LOL we are all on the same brain waves sometimes, I swear 00:49:28 Lori Reeves: We do share the same brain a lot!! 00:49:36 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Hive mind! haha 00:49:49 Laura Kåmark: 🐝 00:51:47 Laura Kåmark: QUESTION: Can we touch on the google update that everyone is talking about? I feel like I live under a rock and just heard about it 00:52:10 Heather VandeRiet: @Laura YES! I was wondering about that also. I just heard lol 00:52:14 Parisa: What’s the name again @Barb? 00:52:29 Laura Kåmark: If you are on wordpress there is a free plugin pretty link 00:52:39 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: https://short.io/ 00:53:08 Parisa: @Shannon I have a question if we have time 00:54:17 Lori Reeves: Did you see the Neil Patel article that was linked to (I think in the group)? 00:54:21 Lori Reeves: @Laura\ 00:54:35 Laura Kåmark: Yes, but I didn’t click through. I made a mental note to look at it later 00:54:40 Erica Nash: The link that Neil Patel article was great! And one linked inside it too. Gave me such great info 00:54:44 Lori Reeves: https://neilpatel.com/blog/google-june-update/?fbclid=IwAR3X2pevyo2j9OU9X8FLiXk4PxonSo8y9bWE0DLj2pWs22uarmxuim5eTMs 00:54:57 Laura Kåmark: KELLI!!!! 00:55:32 Kelli Femrite: Yes....so I pitched that service Shannon!! After reading the Neil Patel article and that's what my VIP Day is 00:55:53 Lori Reeves: Woohoo Kelli!! #SMART 00:56:01 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Get. It. Kelli!!!!!!! You're on fire, Friend!!! 🔥🔥🔥 00:56:02 Ruha Thurairatnam: Omg Parisa, I've been thinking about this and am actually rewriting my copy to address this! 00:56:04 Lori Reeves: I have an idea Parisa 00:56:06 Laura Kåmark: @parisa great question!!!! 00:56:06 Kelli Femrite: She wants a comprehensive website audit. After reading that article I was like "I can totally do this" he gives you all the step by steps 00:56:30 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Love this question, @Parisa!! 01:01:02 Erica Nash: Parisa, those lower ticket clients aspire to be those busy artists, so really lean in to that aspirational identity 01:03:52 Parisa: Thank you everyone 01:03:56 Parisa: Thanks @Lori 01:03:56 Nay Stevens: thanks