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WDA Live Strategy Call 05-25-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:03:00 Erica Nash: Personal win: tomorrow is my 14th wedding anniversary! ☺️
00:03:12 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: CONGRATS @Erica!!!!!
00:03:15 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: #goals
00:03:21 Erica Nash: Thank you!
00:03:22 Cory Peterson: I’m nervous that I’ll jinx by saying this “out loud” it but I have two super exciting consults this week. Both ideal clients.
00:03:23 Tiffany Souhrada: @Erica congrats!
00:03:23 Lori Reeves: WIN: Today I brainstormed a WHOLE YEAR of weekly content that I can create YT videos on (and the topics will align with the topics I’ll cover in my new membership!). I have 56 topics total.
00:03:32 Erika: I signed a contract for a coworking office space! As of June 1st, I’ll have a space to work out of
00:03:43 Erika: @Erica, that’s awesome!
00:03:49 Erica Nash: Yay Cory!!
00:03:52 Steve Horn: 2 new client contacts, one proposal in response and now back to waiting again. 🙂
00:03:56 Ruha Thurairatnam: My money mindset issues have been coming up a lot with more people inquiring about working with me and I’ve been scheduling time to learn about it and assess and rethink my values so that I’m able to hopefully someday quote package rates without feeling any guilt or shame.
00:03:56 Pamela Truax: Way to go Cory!
00:03:57 Erica Nash: Lori, that is freaking awesome.
00:04:01 Elyse Robertson: I just *confidently* sent out a proposal with prices 2x what I was offering in January.
00:04:08 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I attended a 3day spiritual virtual summit that produced 2 consults with my ideal clients! One is tomorrow and another next Tuesday!
00:04:09 Erica Nash: @Erika, that is so exciting!
00:04:12 Tiffany Souhrada: I was able to take 3 weeks off from my business (yes planned 3 weeks off and actually took the time off!!)
00:04:18 Lori Reeves: Thanks Erica!
00:04:25 Erica Nash: Congrats, Steve!
00:04:30 Laura Kåmark: WIN: New copy for my website was completed last week! Can’t wait to re-build my site
00:04:33 Wendy Coop: I love seeing all of these wins!
00:04:48 Elyse Robertson: Oh I can’t wait to see it, Laura!
00:04:51 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Daaaaang @Lori!
00:04:56 Erica Nash: @Ruha, I feel that so much! But it’s great progress to be able to recognize it!
00:05:07 Lori Reeves: It took me ALL MORNING to get that done!!
00:05:16 Erica Nash: Yay @Elyse! That’s amazing
00:05:17 Alex Edwards: Booked consultation today! 😊
00:05:31 Erica Nash: @Barb YESSSSSSSS
00:05:49 Tiffany Souhrada: Awesome wins everyone!!
00:05:49 Wendy Coop: Win: Had a consult last week to develop websites and templates for author websites.
00:06:33 Alex Edwards: oh & I quit my FT job last week! (my health instantly improved once I turned in the letter) 🤣
00:06:43 Wendy Coop: @Alex – that’s amazing!
00:06:47 Erica Nash: @ALEX, congrats!!!
00:06:55 Laura Kåmark: @Alex CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
00:07:05 Alex Edwards: thanks!!! ❤️ I am SO happy!
00:07:07 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Yayyyyy @Alex!!!
00:07:14 Erika: @ Alex, that is so incredible. Congrats babe!
00:07:14 Lori Reeves: Fantastic Alex!!
00:07:33 Elyse Robertson: Alex yay!
00:07:37 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Congrats @Ruha!! That’s a BIG step to recognize it and address it!!
00:07:44 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Get it @Elyse!!!
00:07:59 judy bigham: Client and her followers love love her site
00:08:22 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: The spiritual conference also grew my audience by 100 people! Gah!
00:08:30 Elyse Robertson: Woohoo!!
00:08:34 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Yay @Laura!!!!
00:08:39 Laura Kåmark: I hired someone
00:08:58 Alex Edwards: yay Laura!
00:09:53 Pamela Truax: Win… I’m here. 🙂
00:10:02 Wendy Coop: @Pamela – yeah!!!
00:10:08 Alex Edwards: thanks Shannon! 😊
00:10:50 Lori Reeves: you should!!!
00:12:33 Leigh: Yes! It’s my first
00:17:58 Leigh: so sorry! my internet cut out. Thanks for the advice.
00:18:41 Erica Nash: YAY Barb!
00:18:44 Pamela Truax: Way to go @Barb!!
00:28:25 Lori Reeves: Be like McDonald’s. They have $6 hamburgers and the $1 menu. LOL
00:30:09 Erika: Should we have our pricing guide available for download? I imagine it would include “starting at” prices instead of a fixed price so nothing is locked in and can still be customized for each client.

My goal is to exclude people who immediately will be turned off by the pricing and not spend time on a scheduled call with them.

What do you recommend?
00:33:25 Erika: On my lead form my “What is your budget” is a checkbox and starts at $1,000
00:33:27 Erica Nash: I sent the decline email to all. One was so appreciative of the transparency in saying her budget was too low.
00:34:41 Laura Kåmark: I’m constantly trying to get my discovery calls down to 20 minutes, and also be super clear in my delivery of my process
00:34:52 Wendy Coop: I’ve seen templates for $1050!
00:35:05 Laura Kåmark: So I’m happy to get on a call to practice my delivery
00:35:47 Erika: Thank you!
00:36:03 Erica Nash: I might have one, lol
00:36:28 Lori Reeves: Alex, your bulletin board behind you is making me sing a song in my head 😂
00:37:08 Alex Edwards: thats why I love it – I have a pic of dolly up there too 🥰
00:37:17 Lori Reeves: Noice
00:37:27 Cory Peterson: gotta add that to the playlist
00:37:35 Lori Reeves: Yes Cory!
00:37:36 Wendy Coop: You don’t have to do either. If you were going to pick one first, start with YouTube as that is also a search engine and it’s easier for people to find you there.
00:38:59 Erica Nash: @Wendy, I was thinking that as well. YouTube seems to fit.
00:39:29 Lori Reeves: I listened to a podcast by Carrie Green (Female Entrepreneur Association) and Sunny Lenarduzzi (YouTube expert) this morning. Sunny was talking about how different creating content for YT is because it doesn’t go away. It just keeps being there helping people find you and see how helpful you are. I hadn’t thought about how different YT and FB or IG were but that makes so much sense. That’s why I decided to go all out with my plan for creating YT content this morning. I need to be MORE VISIBLE.
00:39:57 Wendy Coop: @Lori – that’s very insightful and very true!
00:40:19 Lori Reeves: It’s about 35 minutes and it was great. Very actionable. I can find a link if anyone’s interested.
00:40:42 Cory Peterson: Yes please Lori
00:41:07 Lori Reeves: https://femaleentrepreneurassociation.com/2021/05/the-best-youtube-strategy-to-grow-your-business/
00:42:58 Lori Reeves: YT really helps create a connection between you and your audience, too. Think about how close you feel to someone when you’ve watched several videos they’ve made.
00:43:36 Erica Nash: Agreed! I’m also wondering about IGTV since I’m already on IG, then moving it to YouTube also.
00:43:57 Lori Reeves: Yeah, Erica…just make sure you DO move it so it lives on longer than it would on IGTV
00:44:06 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Ooooo this would be amazing!!! Yes! Please! If it clicked for you, I bet it would click for me as well!
00:44:07 Wendy Coop: @Erica – I would do the reverse. Take your YouTube video and repurpose it for IG.
00:44:46 Erica Nash: @Wendy, noted!
00:45:21 Lori Reeves: I’m planning on sending an email about my newest YT video to my email list, too, and most likely adding a little bit extra that’s JUST for my email subscribers (make them feel VIP). And because the topic will align with what I’m prompting people to do in my new membership, I will always be able to promote my membership in every YT video.
00:45:35 Wendy Coop: @Lori – love it!
00:45:47 Lori Reeves: Thanks Wendy! It feels so aligned!
00:46:32 Erica Nash: @Lori, excellent! I’m trying to wrap my head around using all the things and serving my (teeny) list and growing it.
00:47:20 Lori Reeves: @Erica I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it for years. Somehow it’s all falling into place for me in my head, and I’m FINALLY able to brainstorm a full plan. (Not easily LOL but at least I got it done)
00:47:39 Erica Nash: Victory! 😆
00:50:21 Erika: I learned in another group I was in – that’s your “drunk monkey”. Super loud and hard to get it to shut up. It’s always bouncing around and causing a problem. Shifting your mindset, like Shannon said, to realize that you’re helping them is fundamental. You’re not gouging them, you’re giving them exactly what they need.
00:52:34 Wendy Coop: I have to hop off now but I’ll see you all next week!
00:53:37 Laura Kåmark: @ruha have you listened to Chillpreneur?
00:54:23 Erica Nash: @Ruha, I hear you. Acts of Service is my love language and often times I feel like charging big money is manipulative 😭 Lots to work through.
00:54:44 Erica Nash: @Laura, I bought that book! It’s on my shelf right now waiting to be read.
00:55:36 Tiffany Souhrada: @ruha yes Chillpreneur and Denise DT are amazing for money mindset (I am a member of her bootcamp and I helped so much, totally worth the investment!)
00:55:50 Laura Kåmark: @erica Yay! I’m listening to it on audible for the 5th time right now
00:56:06 Laura Kåmark: @Tiffany WHAT?!? I didn’t know you were in bootcamp
00:56:31 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Yes! I feel like the discovery calls I do, it gets easier and easier. (I’m sitting here updating my pricing on my site right now) haha
00:57:42 Erika: Gotta run guys, see you all next week!
01:00:59 Tiffany Souhrada: @Laura, yes it was one of the major investments I made when I was starting my business in 2017 when I realized how much I struggled with the money/pricing part of my business
01:01:24 Laura Kåmark: @Tiffany I joined in January and love it so much
01:01:32 Laura Kåmark: Kelli Femrite just joined too