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WDA Live Strategy Call 06-15-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:17 Laura Kåmark: Win: I launched my new website!!!!!
00:01:32 Valicia France: started creating my demo site
00:01:36 Tiffany Souhrada: Did my follow-up this week (after putting them off) and have 2 new consult call from them
00:01:59 erika: I nailed down my marketing research spiel and managed to get it approved in the local Denver boss babe group! I haven’t had anyone sign up yet, but still YAY!
00:02:04 Laura Kåmark: Win: Had my first VIP collab day with the designer I’m partnering with and the client seems super happy!!!
00:02:15 Leigh: Closed my biggest client contract so far… not my target niche, but it’s a start in the right direction!
00:02:16 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: #win: I’m getting consistent work from a local agency! And my book cover client is shouting my praises! We’re working together to launch her book with a 3-day virtual event!
00:02:20 Laura Kåmark: @Erika!!!! That’s awesome!!!
00:02:22 Erica Nash: I’m going live in a group to talk about leveraging branding. These aren’t my niche, but they’re 1-1-1 people ☺️
00:02:45 erika: YAY
00:03:01 Parisa: I booked my first VIP package last week
00:03:14 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Y’all are killin it!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!
00:04:28 Cory Peterson: Congrats on all the wins people!!! I love hearing this!!! Ok, trying not to suffer in silence. Starting to feel a little desperate waiting for my seeds to grow – I’m watering them, I promise! Financial pressure is starting to get real…
00:05:21 Parisa: I hear you Cory! I defiantly go through phases like this regularly
00:05:39 Laura Kåmark: @erika who was that tuxedo baby???
00:05:40 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: #win: Joined up with 2 of my biz besties and our group is GROWING!!! Filled with over 500 my ideal clients!!
00:05:58 erika: @Laura, that’s our new rescue – Fajita
00:06:18 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Awwww I looooove that name Erika!!
00:06:38 erika: He’s so spicy – it was fitting
00:06:47 Laura Kåmark: @Erika soooo adorable!! Love the name
00:07:40 Kelli Femrite: I feel like I’ve had so many wins since I last joined this call! I booked another project wjth the food blogger client. Just got done redesigning her home page!
00:08:04 Kelli Femrite: And I booked a copywriting project at my top day rate price EVER!
00:08:14 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Get it @Kelli!!!
00:08:40 Laura Kåmark: @kelli 🔥🔥🔥
00:10:45 Kelli Femrite: And it was after I took a little break things staring falling into place!
00:11:58 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I wonder if they heard “pay more money” instead of “continued access to Parisa the Awesome” and aren’t hearing the most important elements.
00:12:48 erika: Could you make it almost a FOMO thing? Where they are the OG 5 so they have the cred
00:14:54 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: They may not realize the boundaries, thinking they can have it all.
00:14:56 Cory Peterson: I like that Erika
00:15:40 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Aw Parisa, I love your heart! 💜
00:17:39 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Excuse my funky face. I just got hit on in an email?1?!
00:17:57 erika: Gross, or yay… I don’t know your life haha
00:18:34 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Total gross. They found me on LinkedIn at that! Hello?! Professionalism?! I’m also a happily married woman. haha
00:18:54 Valicia France: Parisa, you’re very kind. Shannon can I make a quick comment to her on this?
00:19:23 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Giiiiirllll YES! And they totes mcgoats got results!
00:23:56 Kelli Femrite: Love this Valicia!
00:30:43 Alex Edwards: I have a Q that I didn’t pre-submit (if we have time) 😊
00:33:31 Kelli Femrite: I’ve interviewed some moms that have like 100,000 Instagram followers and I have 1200, and they were totally willing!! I think apples to oranges is a good way to explain it! Plus I’ve gotten leads from the interviews.
00:33:35 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Offering to hop on calls have been what’s helped me get eyeballs on my biz
00:34:20 Parisa: Oh ya
00:35:40 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I just get annoyed for wasting my time
00:35:50 Laura Kåmark: @erika that’s how I feel about the marketing calls
00:36:01 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Or they don’t hold up their end of the bargain. I share WAYYYYY more than they do.
00:36:04 Laura Kåmark: I have no idea what I will say
00:36:09 Kelli Femrite: I also share their content a ton
00:36:12 Kelli Femrite: On Instagram
00:37:15 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Haha totally did that too Shannon!
00:39:18 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: ((((hugs)))) @Corey
00:40:57 Erica Nash: I feel you, Corey!!
00:46:08 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: This was a realization I had as well, @Corey. My messaging or tactics was speaking to the tire kickers.
00:48:47 Kelli Femrite: I’ve gotten more clients who are ready after I 1. Raised prices and 2. Stuck to my prices. And 3. Working on my money mindset
00:49:49 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: That was the OTHER element of that too!
00:50:03 Lori Reeves: Cory, the freebie on your site will also be pivotal for making sure you’re attracting the right people. So I wonder if some kind of resource that helps someone “level up” their business to reach the next level or something. And then you’ll be getting people who are THERE who raise their hand for something like that.
00:50:17 Kelli Femrite: Oh love that @Lori
00:50:20 Parisa: That was great @Barb. I’ve been going through the same thing and relaunching my website.
00:53:02 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Putting myself out there more has magnetized ideal clients to me. They know I’m expensive but will figure out how to make it work. I have a lady who’s saving up to work with me in July.
00:54:03 erika: This has been a great call! I have to run but I’ll see y’all next time.
00:54:44 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Same here… I have a call in a few mins but sending y’all SO MUCH LOVE!

@Corey, happy to help you!!! Don’t hesitate to reach out, Love!
00:54:45 Cory Peterson: Thank you so much everyone!!!
00:57:25 Valicia France: I have to leave. Very helpful call! thanks Shannon! bye all!
00:58:54 Parisa: Thank you Shannon