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WDA Live Strategy Call 06-29-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:01 Cory Peterson: Thanks for dancing with me this morning, my friends!!! I signed my first (non-friend) client this morning!
00:01:05 Pamela Truax: Reached out to a prospect on LinkedIn which turned into a consult this morning!!! Say what?!?
00:01:09 Wendy Coop: Welcome newbies!
00:01:15 Pamela Truax: Way to go, Cory!!!
00:01:41 Jennifer Westbrook: Go Cory!!!!!!!
00:01:41 Juanita: Congrats, Cory!
00:01:44 Wendy Coop: That’s so amazingly awesome!
00:01:57 Rachel Mess: Congratulations!
00:01:57 Leigh: 👏 👏 👏
00:02:43 erika: So awesome!
00:02:54 erika: I also booked my first client today!
00:03:03 Wendy Coop: Congratulations everyone!
00:03:08 Juanita: Congratulations, Pam!!!
00:03:25 Leigh: I presented a package matrix for the first time to a previously low paying client, and they chose the high end package!
00:03:32 Rachel Mess: Congrats Erika!
00:03:36 Wendy Coop: @Leigh – that’s great!
00:03:36 Cory Peterson: Erika!!!! WOO HOO!
00:03:40 Juanita: Wow, Leigh! That’s great!
00:03:52 Cory Peterson: Congrats Leigh!!!
00:04:35 Lachelle Hannickel: Great job, Leigh!!
00:05:26 Leigh: thanks everyone
00:08:04 Jennifer Westbrook: Go Erika!!!!
00:08:28 Juanita: Yaay, Erika!!!
00:09:19 Leigh: 👏 👏 👏 Erika
00:10:23 Wendy Coop: I love all of this!
00:11:37 Kelli Femrite: I got my new photography updated on my website! Finally
00:11:48 Wendy Coop: That’s great, Kelli!
00:12:28 Kelli Femrite: And I booked a VIP copywriting client. Oh and I’m starting to outline my book I’m writing.
00:12:43 Pamela Truax: You go, Kelli!!! Woot Woot!
00:12:59 Wendy Coop: Win: I have a literary agent interested in a manuscript for my memoir.
00:13:12 Kelli Femrite: After a slow May I feel like June has me on fire!
00:13:15 Pamela Truax: Oh, wow! Wendy! That’s awesome
00:13:22 Juanita: Wow Wendy! That’s great!
00:13:24 Cory Peterson: Kelly?! Awesome!!!
00:13:26 Kelli Femrite: Yay Wendy!! That’s incredible
00:13:27 Wendy Coop: @Kelli – what’s your book about?
00:13:32 Cory Peterson: Wendy!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!
00:13:39 Juanita: Super cool, Kelli!
00:13:46 erika: Everyone is up to such huge stuff! I love it
00:14:30 Lachelle Hannickel: Go Wendy!!
00:14:53 Cory Peterson: I just got chills
00:14:57 Wendy Coop: Me too!
00:16:05 ROBIN SMITH: Joined late….win…I was stumped and reached out for help. I don’t like asking for help. Second win…invited to speak on a radio show. A 5 minute segment.
00:16:18 Wendy Coop: Congrats on the radio show!
00:16:59 Cory Peterson: Awesome Robin!
00:17:16 Kelli Femrite: My book is in the very early stages. But it will be directed at moms who want to pursue their dreams, and how following their passions will build a better future for their kids. We don’t have to settle for a life on autopilot. We have the power to shape our own destiny and reclaim our best lives.
00:17:57 Wendy Coop: @Kelli – that is a wonderful idea for a book!
00:19:01 Kelli Femrite: Thank you!!
00:19:16 Kelli Femrite: I’m in gabby Bernstein’s bestseller Masterclass
00:19:21 Kelli Femrite: I highly recommend it
00:19:34 Wendy Coop: I have Masterclass so I’ll look for it!
00:20:43 Kelli Femrite: It’s a separate program than the Masterclass site, I think – she just calls it bestseller Masterclass. it’s like $97 a month payment plan.
00:20:57 Lisa Rubin: Awesome @Kelli and @Wendy!
00:20:58 Wendy Coop: Ah, okay…I’ll look for it.
00:24:57 Kelli Femrite: I’ve had so many issues with working with an agency. I’m walking away from them since my contract is up next month.
00:25:24 Pamela Truax: Way to go, Kelli!!
00:25:28 judy bigham: ME I CAN RELATE
00:25:46 Wendy Coop: Hi Juanita!
00:26:09 Juanita: Hey Wendy!!!
00:26:25 Wendy Coop: Procrastibranding!
00:26:36 erika: lol@ wendy
00:26:54 Wendy Coop: Got that from Denise Duffield-Thomas!
00:27:18 Kelli Femrite: Love Denise!!!
00:28:20 Kelli Femrite: My new plan is taking messy action
00:28:54 Pamela Truax: Taking action is THE way to grow!
00:31:00 Leslie Zemenek: I have to leave early. Good to see everyone.
00:50:15 Kelli Femrite: Yes!!!
00:54:02 Wendy Coop: What was the name of the Neil Patel article?
00:54:41 Kelli Femrite: I’ll post it again in the group!
00:55:01 Kelli Femrite: I have it saved on my laptop
00:55:40 Cory Peterson: and the curriculum rocks 🙂
00:55:42 Wendy Coop: Thanks!
00:55:48 Cory Peterson: Thanks all!! See you soon!