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WDA Live Strategy Call 07-06-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:00 erika: Shannon, your hair looks awesome!
00:01:45 Wendy Coop: Win: Found out I really love podcasting and trying to figure out how to integrate that with web design.
00:02:21 Erica Nash: Sent off a proposal this morning, will send another tomorrow, have other talks to do some design for 4-5 others. My big breakthrough is realizing my strength is in graphic design for production printing and building on that.
00:02:25 Leslie Zemenek: I’m owning my woo-woo side and incorporating my Life Purpose fingerprint analysis into my brand offerings. Playing with the name Brand Fingerprint.
00:03:02 Michelle Pontvert: Listened to the whole course on the podcast! Still starting to dig into everything but feeling optimistic about where it’s going 🙂
00:03:11 Leslie Zemenek: Also I turned down work with the controlling environmental non-profit person. Used one of the emails from the workbook to politely decline.
00:03:14 Valicia France: I finished my demo site!
00:04:19 Pamela Truax: I let go of my two clients that I over deliver and get underpaid.
00:04:36 Michelle Pontvert: Yep, I’m literally listening in bed and will have to hop off part way through but I was so excited to participate 🙂
00:04:45 Parisa: I’ve been professionalizing my biz: hired a lawyer to look at my contracts and now working with someone to take over my IG
00:04:56 Wendy Coop: I love seeing all of these wins!
00:05:06 Leigh: I finally hit my baseline monthly revenue threshold
00:05:17 Parisa: @Leslie, saying no is abundance thinking! woohoo
00:07:18 Laura Kåmark: Win: I have a call today with someone to take over my social media!!! I took action to outsource!
00:07:26 Leigh: yes! I did a 180 with my money mindset 🙂
00:07:29 Laura Kåmark: Thank you!
00:07:37 Laura Kåmark: yahooo! @leigh
00:07:53 Wendy Coop: This is all so good!
00:12:02 Parisa: I’ve been building add on packages based on scenarios like that
00:13:10 Michelle Pontvert: Thank you Shannon! I’ll catch the rest on the replay 🙂 So glad I was able to make my first call live!!
00:14:01 Wendy Coop: Great to see you Michelle!
00:14:16 erika: Question: Is there a benefit to having multiple freebies? How do you promote them separately?
00:15:46 Laura Kåmark: @Leslie that sounds so cool!
00:15:50 Valicia France: Have to run off. Will catch the replay! have a great call everybody!
00:19:13 Laura Kåmark: @wendy It is solo or guest podcast?
00:19:29 Parisa: Your voice and talking style is perfect for running a podcast @Wendy
00:19:48 erika: That’s what I was thinking too @parisa
00:19:48 Laura Kåmark: @parisa I 100% agree
00:20:12 Juanita: Yep, I agree too. She has a great voice for it!
00:21:02 Laura Kåmark: Check out pavel https://digitalfreedomproductions.com/
00:21:26 Laura Kåmark: He does the podcast production for all Brooke’s Life coach school peeps
00:21:47 Lori: Doesn’t Pavel produce The Life Coach School podcast?
00:21:53 Lori: Lol
00:21:53 Laura Kåmark: yup
00:22:32 Laura Kåmark: “Hey, thinking of starting your own podcast? I can help!”
00:24:11 Parisa: YASSS
00:25:29 Wendy Coop: @Parisa – thank you so much!
00:26:02 Wendy Coop: @Laura – thanks for the link. Checking it out now!
00:26:23 erika: I’m not really seeing results with my freebie yet. I think its more lack of patience on my end
00:27:33 Parisa: We all need to hire @Wendy
00:27:51 Wendy Coop: Awww, you’re making me blush!
00:28:14 Erica Nash: YESSSS 😂
00:28:20 Laura Kåmark: I feel you about the reels!!!!
00:29:16 Parisa: same
00:29:52 Erica Nash: Definite tagline
00:33:23 Leslie Zemenek: @Erika – #beanoriginal
00:33:56 Leslie Zemenek: @Erika, I love that!
00:35:18 erika: @Leslie going to check out that hashtag now
00:35:37 Juanita: Congrats, Parisa!!!
00:35:44 Elyse Robertson: Amazing!
00:35:46 Erica Nash: That’s a huge deal!
00:36:40 erika: That’s so cool @parisa
00:37:09 Wendy Coop: Good problem to have.
00:48:43 Wendy Coop: Ask yourself, “What’s the next best step?”
00:54:50 Laura Kåmark: Money is energy