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WDA Live Strategy Call 07-27-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:18 erika: I have three interviews down for The Brazen Babe (my interview series)!
00:01:34 Wendy Coop: Win: Won a scholarship to FinCon (conference for personal finance/business/marketing content creators).
00:01:45 Erica Nash: Stood my ground on my rate today. Very scary, but glad I did it. We will see what comes of it.
00:01:56 Wendy Coop: Win: restarted a plant-based cooking class…just call me Chef Wendy!
00:02:14 Cory Peterson: Pushing myself way out of my comfort zone by agreeing to being on a podcast later today (yikes!)
00:02:30 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Soooo many wins!!!
I’ve been invited to collaborate with a publisher (who publishes my client’s book) and she’ll be sending me clients who need book cover design and sales funnels!

I’ve also been invited to contribute to a collaboration book… y’all! I’m gonna be an author!?!?
00:02:50 Leigh: made a schedule of my projects (instead of keeping it in my head) and actually realized I’m fully booked
00:02:51 Lisa Rubin: Sent my Exclusive Gold -VIP Day Package to a client.
00:03:00 Parisa: I’m doing a masterclass for a 111 partner. We started promoting yesterday and we already have 63 sign ups!!!!
00:03:25 Kim Brock: I invested in Dubsado finally. And I have two discovery calls this week (way out of my comfort zone, so just putting myself out there to book a call is a huge win for me!)
00:03:50 Leslie Zemenek: I worked out the particulars for my Brand Fingerprint system and redid my package matrix to add it in. I broke through my resistance to higher prices and I didn’t spontaneously combust.
00:03:59 Wendy Coop: All of these wins are amazing!
00:04:06 Wendy Coop: I’m so excited for everyone!
00:04:16 erika: A lot of wins this week. I love it!
00:04:21 Parisa: woohoo
00:05:04 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Created a collab with a fellow spiritual entrepreneur and we’ve teamed up to help a client with a website + copy audit and will implement the findings!

Y’all! I’m booked out until October!
00:05:38 Kim Brock: Parisa – that masterclass sounds awesome!
00:06:48 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Also working to get all setup in ClickUp, detailed out my processes… I’m a well-oiled machine!
00:06:52 erika: Ah, shoot – another win! I have a discovery call with a client on Friday. She found me!!!!
00:07:01 Kim Brock: Never have to talk to anyone – the dream 😂
00:07:42 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Being the curious info gatherer takes the pressure off of having to perform and sell. People LOVE to talk about themselves!
00:08:15 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Claim it Leslie!
00:08:29 Parisa: woohooooo
00:09:12 Robin Smith: I agree, Leslie will be a huge success with her fingerprint analysis. I was a test subject and it was an amazing experience.
00:09:25 Leslie Zemenek: Thanks, Robin!
00:09:31 Erica Nash: I also just signed a contract for a subcontracting gig! Woohoo!
00:10:04 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Oh! I’ve landed a retainer client! Just submitted our first project and she loooooves it! A minimum of 10 hours a month.
00:10:26 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Collaboration has been what’s propelled my biz forward!
00:11:28 Parisa: I’ve been thinking about that for a while now
00:11:35 Parisa: So glad you’re brining this up
00:11:58 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Oooo create an evergreen webinar that converts them to working with you!
00:12:28 Parisa: hahahaha
00:12:45 Parisa: I’m down
00:13:05 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Ditto! I’m down to be a guinea pig!
00:13:50 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Welcome Janet!!
00:13:53 Cory Peterson: Hi Janet!!
00:14:07 Lisa Rubin: Welcome!!
00:14:14 Janet Hoover: Thank you – excited to be here!
00:14:17 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: We’re all a reflection of the amazeballs that is Shannon!
00:15:25 erika: Dang, that’s a good question
00:16:47 erika: I would think that her sketches should have been Brought in at the beginning stages
00:17:18 Lisa Rubin: I agree @Erika
00:19:27 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Is there a way to incorporate elements of her ideas into the logo?

Also, stand in your expertise! It’s always important to bring it back to the strategy. Remind them that this will have this impact on the ideal client, the business, the goals, etc.
00:27:38 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: 100%!
00:28:27 erika: Yes Erica!!
00:28:36 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: YES GIRL!! YES!!
00:29:08 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Hi Steve!
00:29:48 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Removing the ego is soooo important. We get so attached to our creations.
00:30:29 Erica Nash: And it’s so tough to gauge tone via text! I get so attached, so usually feedback hurts my feelings at first LOL
00:31:19 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Whenever I’m sensing snark… I have to step back and check myself.
00:32:41 erika: I also track all my logo concepts and feedback/revisions in Dubsado and make them sign and approve them all before I will make changes
00:32:58 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Gotta love those Dubsado subcontracts!
00:32:58 Erica Nash: Yes! Dubsado is so great for that!
00:33:10 Lisa Rubin: Yes love Dubsado!
00:33:14 Janet Hoover: LOVE Dubsado!
00:34:38 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: Dubsado vs Honeybook?
00:36:50 erika: Melissa – Dubsado all the way. I tried HB and hated that I couldn’t design the things I send to clients (like contracts and proposals).
00:37:05 Lisa Rubin: Melissa – I haven’t tried Honeybook. I love the ease of Dubsado and client portal for feedback.
00:37:20 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Yeah, I had Honeybook served up to me when I was getting married from one of my vendors… hated it.
00:37:24 erika: Dubsado has a bunch of cool templates built in and you can also buy some if you don’t want to custom code your own
00:37:34 Kim Brock: Does anyone use the Dubsado scheduler?
00:37:40 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: I do! Love it!
00:37:41 erika: I do Kim
00:38:15 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: The Dubs Scheduler allowed me to get rid of Acuity
00:38:25 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: I was close to signing up with Honeybook… Now I’ll look into Dubsado. Is it easier to learn? THANK YOU!!!
00:38:39 Lisa Rubin: Yes, Kim, it has been great to use.
00:39:04 Kim Brock: Thanks!
00:39:14 erika: Melissa – there are so many codes right now for 50% off. I’ll see if I can find one in my email trash
00:39:18 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Uhhh… it’s definitely got a learning curve. But their FB Group is super helpful and they have a new university that can make setup simple. Their chat is super responsive and they will help you bring in your forms/proposals
00:39:57 erika: Dubsado 50% off code – not my affiliate code, btw.. BOSSPROJECT
00:40:07 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: Thank You Erica – much appreciated
00:40:19 Lisa Rubin: Dubsado has a new education hub now to learn all the things.
00:40:37 Kim Brock: I used that code on top of the sale this week – such a good deal!
00:41:12 Janet Hoover: Yep, they’re having a summer sale this week (Dubsado)
00:41:14 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: So happy I jumped on here today 🙂
00:41:44 Parisa: Yeah I struggle with that
00:41:48 erika: Just know you’ll be overwhelmed by Dubsado to start with. Stick with it – it’s totally worth it
00:42:10 Parisa: That feeling of responsibility is what has stoped me from re launching my course
00:42:13 Cory Peterson: I was looking at CRM resources earlier today, but should I look larger? Like Dubsado?
00:42:20 Janet Hoover: Exactly, and they are VERY helpful, they’ll also set up your forms at no charge (or some forms)
00:42:49 Janet Hoover: They have lots of support and tutorials 🙂
00:43:05 erika: Cory, I price checked all the separate programs I was using (CRM, accounting, emailing, proposals, etc…) and it was more to ad hoc everything than to just use Dubsado.
00:43:24 Cory Peterson: Helpful Erika – thanks!
00:43:32 erika: Sure thing!
00:44:21 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Plutio is another great option for CRMs. AppSumo has a great deal on it right now.
00:45:00 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: I have a question for the group 😊
00:45:07 Cory Peterson: Thanks Barb
00:45:49 Lori Reeves: I have that problem, too, Wendy. I have SO much experience doing all of it that I forget that people don’t know some of the most BASIC things that I can talk about for an hour.
00:49:30 erika: I use Clickup. I love that it’s easy to use for me and is logical for my brain
00:49:34 Janet Hoover: We just had a mini Dubsado discussion here
00:49:36 Parisa: I use Notion, I love it
00:49:39 Leslie Zemenek: I can’t imagine doing what I do without Dubsado
00:49:51 Parisa: I use Dubsado for my client
00:50:05 erika: I do NOT share it with my clients though. I use Dubsado for project milestones
00:50:05 Steve Horn: I use Wrike’s free version which I can organize so well
00:50:19 Robin Smith: I have to leave. Great call today.
00:50:20 Lori Reeves: I used to use Basecamp and invite my clients to it. Didn’t work the BEST and ended up being more expensive than I wanted to keep paying. Now I personally use Trello to manage my bigger projects and I LOVE it. Would be lost without it.
00:50:27 Janet Hoover: Started just using Atarim – and loving it so far
00:50:38 Erica Nash: Honestly, I find a google checklist to be my best tool, lol
00:50:47 Erica Nash: *google docs checklist
00:51:09 Janet Hoover: https://atarim.io/
00:52:47 Janet Hoover: I found Atarim via a different FB group, they have all the scripts, new mindset of processes, easy to set up, awesome support, easy to use, etc.
00:52:58 erika: I have to run, this call has been AWESOME
00:53:00 Lisa Rubin: I think its good for your team not clients
00:53:16 Parisa: @Barb what problems have you been having with dubsado for clients?
00:53:53 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: @Parisa, the tasks aren’t robust enough
00:54:14 Parisa: Like the workflow?
00:54:38 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Using the taskboards and getting them to go in there and add their stuff to it
00:55:48 Parisa: Oh I attach a google sheet to their dubsado dashboard so they add stuff their
00:56:31 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: but FOMO Shannon!
00:56:33 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: haha
00:57:07 Barb Pritchard ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Can we just hang out? haha
00:57:14 Janet Hoover: Just quickly hopped in today, nice to “meet” everyone and looking forward to digging in and getting started!! Woot!
00:57:41 Janet Hoover: ❤️