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WDA Live Strategy Call 08-17-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:02:14 Leslie Zemenek: I’ve been testing my Brand Fingerprint system and getting great feedback. And I updated my LinkedIn Profile and I’m excited by the verbiage. I’m going to use it as a starting point for the rest of my marketing materials.
00:02:55 Jennifer Westbrook: I can relate.
00:02:59 Erica Nash: Every word
00:03:01 Juanita: Great question and yes can relate
00:03:23 Cory Peterson: Win: Starting a redesign of an enneagram coach’s website! But I think I undercharged her… 🙁
00:03:53 Lisa Rubin: Yes, I can relate. 🙋‍♀️
00:26:44 Lori Reeves: Michelle, what if you offer services as a tech VA? That would sort of allow you to get a to do list from someone and work hourly. It may not be perfect, but you could START with getting some smaller jobs for money and possibly quickly grow a network of people who know your services are good and can recommend you more often…
00:26:45 Barb Pritchard: Hi Fam!
Sorry I’m late – had a huddle with the big, beefy contract folks.

#win: pitched a project for $20k yesterday!
00:27:30 Leslie Zemenek: Michelle, what Lori said!
00:28:40 Lori Reeves: Woo Barb!!!!!
00:29:01 Leslie Zemenek: Michelle, this is an uncomfortable thing, but in my past businesses I found that when I started saying no to needy clients and ones who didn’t want to pay me what I was worth, it made room for the right clients to show up.
00:29:38 Michelle Pontvert: Thank you Leslie, I’m trying!
00:30:06 Michelle Pontvert: And Lori, thank you for your idea. I’ll give it some thinking 😘
00:31:21 Lori Reeves: You’re welcome! Just wracking my brain trying to think of something you can put into place quickly.
00:31:51 Leigh: same with me. I became friends with some of my clients by building trust and the referrals just keep coming
00:36:57 Barb Pritchard: 100%! Mindset makes a BIIIIIIIG difference.
00:37:41 Lori Reeves: I also believe that clarity in your desires is ESSENTIAL. The Universe wants to send you who you need. But if you’re not crystal clear about WHO that is, then the Universe is trying and failing. (I’m pretty woo, too, BTW)
00:39:33 Barb Pritchard: I second that, Lori. One hundo
00:40:44 Parisa: Amen!
00:45:27 Juanita: Love that Leslie 🙂
00:46:16 Barb Pritchard: and the creative juices flow freely when you’re in a positive state of mind
00:46:34 Juanita: Yes, mindset can help you move forward or paralyze you
00:46:40 Barb Pritchard: you can see clearer the direction you need/want to go or patterns that have been successful.
00:47:02 Juanita: Great to hear from you Barb. So inspirational
00:47:13 Barb Pritchard: Thanks Juanita 💜
00:47:19 Parisa: Omg yes!
00:47:33 Barb Pritchard: I feel attacked! ahaha
00:47:48 Wendy T.: Leslie, I had my fingerprints read a few years ago and it was SPOT. ON!
00:47:49 Michelle Pontvert: Aw, thank you so much!!
00:48:08 Barb Pritchard: Leslie’s fingerprint reading is AH-MAZE-BALLS y’all! BTW
00:48:22 Leslie Zemenek: Thanks, Barb!
00:48:26 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I want my fingerprint read! #missingout
00:48:30 Michelle Pontvert: Thank you Leslie 😘
00:48:36 Juanita: Can’t wait. I meet with Leslie a little after the call
00:49:39 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Action without the mindset or plan is just going to lead to spinning wheels. Imposter syndrome is a bitch but you all are so much better than what your brains are telling you.
00:52:25 Leslie Zemenek: Wendy, I’d love to know who read your fingerprints! We’re a pretty small community.
00:52:45 Barb Pritchard: Such greatness Parisa!!
00:52:52 Parisa: hahaha
00:53:22 Michelle Pontvert: Love the scientific approach Parisa! That really speaks to me so thank you for sharing that
00:53:34 Barb Pritchard: first off ((((hugs)))) Ruha
00:56:31 Parisa: @Michelle, I’m here for you! If you ever need to chat let me know
01:00:04 Ruha Thurairatnam: Thaaaaaanks Barb!!!
01:00:22 Leslie Zemenek: Parisa, it’s okay to ignore people pitching to you.
01:00:38 Barb Pritchard: I like to pitch them back hahaha
01:01:16 Barb Pritchard: Or heyyyyy you don’t have a website… you NEED one so you don’t have to live in the DMs
01:01:38 Parisa: I’ve gotta go…great conversation today
01:01:41 Leslie Zemenek: Barb, I love how cheeky you are!
01:01:50 Erica Nash: This was really good. I needed every word!!
01:02:13 Parisa: I also posted a question, I guess I’ll ask next week
01:03:01 Barb Pritchard: Daaaaaang Shannon that’s 🔥🔥🔥
01:03:25 Lori Reeves: Seriously amazing advice Shannon!
01:03:27 Barb Pritchard: Oh! look! the emoji has color! (it’s the little things)
01:04:04 Wendy T.: Leslie – it was through Margaret Barton. We are in CA, so I’m not sure if you’re familiar with her.
01:05:28 Barb Pritchard: Yessss you have a beautiful fam here with Dub-Dee-Aye… crowdsource ideas and let us lift you up!
01:05:42 Leslie Zemenek: Wendy, I don’t know her, but my teacher is in Marin county. He’w the originator of the system and has a school there.
01:06:10 Wendy T.: Leslie – Margaret actually brought in a gentleman to do it. I wonder if it was him!!
01:06:11 Leslie Zemenek: Shannon, I absolutely will do it for you.
01:07:00 Leslie Zemenek: Wendy, could be. His name is Richard Unger and he’s a great storyteller as he reads for people.
01:07:57 Lori Reeves: Woo has open arms waiting for you, Shannon!!
01:08:02 Leslie Zemenek: I am such a pragmatic person. I never call myself woo.
01:09:19 Leslie Zemenek: This was a great session!
01:11:09 Juanita: Thank you Shannon!