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WDA Live Strategy Call 08-31-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:02:20 Ruha Thurairatnam: Sent out a couple of big proposals and working on scheduling a few market research interviews
00:02:32 Cory Peterson: Completing and handing off my first client’s website on Friday!
00:02:34 Lisa Rubin: Hello! Sorry I am late, I was having trouble signing in.
00:02:45 Nay Stevens: I am working my way through WDA again and am finding this time I am a lot more clear with the direction of my business as I had veered off track for a while. I am excited all over again!
00:02:46 Leslie Zemenek: I turned my LinkedIn page into a landing page and I’m getting ready to use it to generate leads. I’m excited about the copy I wrote for it. I’ll be able to reuse it on my website and other marketing materials.
00:03:04 Leslie Zemenek: Yay, Cory!
00:03:22 Erica Nash: Discovery call tomorrow, getting more clarity around the pivot I made, feeling hopeful!
00:03:22 Cory Peterson: Thanks Leslie! I’ll have to check out your magic on LinkedIn
00:03:33 Lisa Rubin: Congrats Cory!
00:03:57 Robin Smith: Almost finished with a site for client I have been working on for months. Delayed not because of me but getting stuff from her. So happy to be almost finished. Second thing I am happy about, learned yesterday I was selected for a 5 day press trip to St. Augustine. The thrill of being selected for these trips is still exciting.
00:03:59 Lisa Rubin: Yay Ruha! 🙌🏼
00:04:44 Parisa: I’ve booked two exclusive bookings which is a first
00:05:09 Cory Peterson: So happy to hear all this!! So excited for everyone!
00:05:41 Robin Smith: Another win….I told a client I would not put them on my calendar till we had a meeting and a signed contract. They were not happy…but I have stuck to my guns.
00:05:43 Wendy T.: So bummed, I have another call during her session 🙁
00:06:08 Robin Smith: I can’t attend I am traveling that day. But have attended in the past and it is great.
00:06:31 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: What time again?
00:06:46 Leslie Zemenek: I can’t say enough about Alecia’s workshop. It changed everything for me, including the direction I’m taking my business and my mindset about charging enough for my work.
00:06:54 Lisa Rubin: Trish Bovell was having trouble signing on too. Trish are you on?
00:07:25 Patricia Bovell: yes I’m here
00:10:19 Lisa Rubin: Oh good 😀
00:14:13 judy bigham: can you start on a per project basis?
00:14:23 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: I have a similar problem. Not sure how to find the right person.
00:15:05 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: It sounds like you need a developer.
00:15:25 judy bigham: are you intending to narrow your focus/client project types in future?
00:15:37 judy bigham: or you need a jack of all trades?
00:16:46 Parisa: I would have been interested to be that developer for Shopify. Not so much for php
00:19:05 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: melissa@unaverra.com
00:22:25 leighscott: Thanks Melissa! I’ll email you
00:23:34 Patricia Bovell: I have one client who has a law practice and a Disney travel agency – we did 2 separate sites
00:29:51 judy bigham: please honor our contract?
00:30:18 Patricia Bovell: if you haven’t yet or as soon as you can, delete your access
00:30:25 Parisa: I don’t think I’m the best fit moving forward
00:31:29 Patricia Bovell: good question – just a thought
00:35:31 Wendy T.: I have a question on sourcing images for my website, if there’s time.
00:42:15 Kim: I am working on my services currently and
plan on offering development for designers and creatives. If you need help feel free to reach out!
00:43:05 Nay Stevens: That is tooo hard to do it that way. So much easier to do it from scratch
00:43:11 Lisa Rubin: That’s great Kim.
00:43:24 leighscott: Thanks!
00:43:28 Kim: I do elementor and divi!
00:44:28 Lori Reeves: If you don’t know all of the features that Divi contains, it WOULD be harder to work in.
00:45:07 Lori Reeves: If you’re trying to make a site responsive in Divi by using CSS, I’m guessing that you just don’t know what they have built in that makes it SUPER easy to do and without touching CSS.
00:45:21 Leslie Zemenek: I don’t think you can compare. I think it’s more a matter of which one your brain likes better.
00:45:44 Nay Stevens: I build all of my sites in Divi and I hardly ever need CSS
00:46:36 Lori Reeves: Melissa, if you want to hop on a call where I show you a few tools within Divi that make responsive design super quick, I’m happy to hop on a call with you.
00:46:59 Nay Stevens: Same – happy to help with any you need with Divi
00:47:38 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: Thank you both! Can you give me your contact?
00:48:30 Shannon Mattern: http://shannonmattern/sss
00:48:31 judy bigham: Kristin @ applecart
00:48:35 Robin Smith: I have a question if we have time.
00:48:38 Nay Stevens: Melissa I’m at hey@naystevens.com – that’s probably easier
00:48:39 Patricia Bovell: Social Squares is also good
00:48:42 Parisa: I like social squares a lot
00:48:48 Lori Reeves: You can reach me at lori@brandstrength.co Melissa!
00:48:57 Lori Reeves: Or in the FB group or through Messenger
00:49:09 Lori Reeves: I love Hautestock
00:50:16 Melissa Miller – Graphic Designer: Thanks for all your feedback – I have to jump on another call!
00:50:32 Robin Smith: Most photographers will want their own photos used.
00:50:40 Patricia Bovell: https://www.sourcedco.com/ for wedding stock photos
00:50:58 Nay Stevens: If you are wanting to go down the free route to start, Unsplash is good and you can click on the photographer and view all of their images and they usually have different images of the same person/couple etc
00:50:58 Leslie Zemenek: I have to hop off. Thank you!
00:52:11 Wendy T.: Thanks, everyone!
00:53:56 Wendy T.: I feel so ignorant, but you keep mentioning “submitting to Google”. Is that something we need to do when we are done with a site? I will google it (ha) to see what that entails, because I have no idea what that means!
00:54:31 Patricia Bovell: she probably means submitting the sitemap to Google
00:55:01 Parisa: I submitted a question 3 weeks ago but I think it has gotten buried
00:56:47 Lisa Rubin: Thank you! Good to see everyone.
00:56:53 Wendy T.: Thanks, everyone!