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WDA Live Strategy Call 09-14-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:35 Jennifer Westbrook: Got it – thanks.
00:01:48 Erica Nash: Landed a client yesterday who is a home builder to design a ceiling piece for a house he’s building. Also just hopped off a discovery call that went well and I think will lead to some great stuff in the future!
00:01:56 Laura Kåmark: My daughter is home sick. She just said “mommy, that’s shannon!!!”
00:02:26 Kim Brock: Wins: Started an Instagram for my biz (will try to restrain myself from posting hamster pictures). Also followed up with the square space designer I connected with about partnering. She has a potential client she wants to collaborate on that we are chatting about
00:03:12 Cory Peterson: Win – consultation on Thursday – fingers crossed!
00:04:14 Laura Kåmark: Win: I got asked to be a speaker at the Page Builders Summit (totally freaking out about it, but going to do it messy)
00:04:29 Jonno & Nay Stevens: Laura!!! that is awesome!!!
00:04:32 Leslie Zemenek: Laura, that’s awesome!
00:04:34 Kim Brock: Laura – so cool! You’re going to do great!!
00:04:34 Cory Peterson: Congrats Laura!!!
00:04:48 Laura Kåmark: I can so relate Michelle!!
00:04:55 Robin Smith: Congrats Laura!
00:06:11 Laura Kåmark: When my kiddos were little I did Tech VA work, which gave me more flexibility to work around nap schedules, after bedtime and early mornings before they got up
00:07:17 Robin Smith: Win….finished the site I had been working on for a long, long time for client who just wanted a duplicate site on a different theme. Project dragged out at her request. Kept changing things at the end so there was some scope creep…but it is done and she is using the site. I feel like a weight is lifted.
00:09:10 Jonno & Nay Stevens: Know that feeling @Robin. Happy it is over for you now.
00:11:17 Helen: Congratulations Laura, when is the summit?
00:11:39 Laura Kåmark: Sometime next month. Presentation is due on Monday.
00:14:06 Helen: Awesome. I attended that summit last year. Please share your link with us when you can.
00:15:00 judy bigham: @Laura – you will be great at the summit!
00:15:09 judy bigham: @Robin congrats!
00:18:56 Laura Kåmark: I have a call in 10 minutes an will hop off soon
00:25:19 Robin Smith: Another win….I passed on a client who has scheduled a call several times and set a start date but didn’t have any of their stuff gathered. The third time I returned their money and told them once they had their items together we could talk and set a start date or they could find someone else. They wanted to give me a few things and start the project and then keep giving me stuff as the project progressed. I felt like it was going to be pulling teeth the entire time and there would be major scope creep. If they didn’t know what they wanted, it would keep changing. I did not feel guilty turning them away.
00:26:14 Laura Kåmark: Have to hop off! By friends!
00:30:08 Jonno & Nay Stevens: Just sitting here in awe at your thought process & offer!!
00:30:17 judy bigham: love that idea @Erica
00:30:20 Parisa: I Love it
00:30:36 judy bigham: like an uber visual branding project
00:30:58 Cory Peterson: so brilliant
00:34:41 Lori Reeves: Stu McLaren
00:35:07 Lori Reeves: There’s a whole module on retention
00:38:38 Parisa: I know a girl who has a high ticket program and every time some one joins she sends them flowers. Everybody loves them and they start sharing on social media
00:39:16 Parisa: Oooo a planner would be great
00:40:27 Erica Nash: Thank you all! I’m so excited about it!
00:40:39 Erica Nash: @parisa, that’s fantastic! How can you not feel loved after that?
00:41:05 Parisa: I know!
00:41:53 Jonno & Nay Stevens: Like Krista’s physical Summit in a box
00:42:27 Erica Nash: Oh I didn’t realize she sent a physical box! That’s awesome.
00:44:32 Kim Brock: That’s what I’m working on doing as well Judy – I want to focus on development and partner with designers
00:51:55 Erica Nash: And you don’t get to add white label work to your portfolio