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WDA Live Strategy Call 10-05-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:24 Wendy Coop: As part of my personal chef business, I’m giving a healthy meals presentation on Friday!
00:01:42 Ruha Thurairatnam: I sent an email saying no to a potential $3k/$5k project today (might still save it if I can come up with a solution to their ask for a VERY fluid timeline), and am about to send over a contract and invoice for a different $5k project.
00:01:53 Cory Peterson: Win: Networking like a crazy person. Having fun meeting tons of people.
00:02:09 Lori Reeves: #WIN: My new client who said yes to the highest package I offered didn’t take any action on the contract/invoice I sent for 4 days. I was starting to get nervous…but then she signed the contract and paid the deposit on Saturday! Here we go! Aaannnnddd….I MET my goal and launched BrandSchool ON TIME on Friday!
00:02:27 Cory Peterson: Yay LORI!!!
00:02:42 Kate Newnham: Win: Offering my design services to an old colleague who I worked with when I didn’t do design (fear: I’m not a legit designer so this is BIG)
00:02:46 Erica Nash: I have a collab call tomorrow to work out the details of the workshop I’m teaching for one of my top 25. I’m also applying to speak at a summit 🥳
00:03:10 Lori Reeves: And YAY Cory! I’m proud of you for taking scary action!!
00:04:00 Lori Reeves: Yes Ruha!!
00:04:11 Wendy Coop: Yes Ruha!
00:04:12 Patricia Bovell: great job, Ruha!
00:07:40 Lori Reeves: Yay Erica!!!!
00:07:52 Wendy Coop: Wonderful job everyone!
00:08:24 Lori Reeves: Side Win: I’m working from the BEACH this week!!
00:08:47 Juanita: Super cool Lori!
00:08:52 Cory Peterson: Lori! Jealous! Have fun!
00:09:13 Lori Reeves: My side hustle this week is getting a tan 😂
00:10:31 Lori Reeves: Or post in the FB group if you’re looking for hive mind ideas!
00:14:23 Leslie: 1. I Help Private Practice Therapists Build and Refine their practices
00:20:07 Lori Reeves: Your brand promise can also help you when you consider adding new services. If it doesn’t fit into what you consider what you do for your clients, that’s a pretty easy litmus test.
00:20:39 Cory Peterson: Anyone want to share their brand promise?
00:21:42 Cory Peterson: “I collaborate with women business owners to build their business and share their talents with the world”
00:22:54 Patricia Bovell: clear is better than clever
00:24:05 Lori Reeves: My ONLY word of caution would be make sure you’re 100% clear on your niche. You wouldn’t have wiggle room to change your niche later if you have that domain.
00:27:05 Laura Kåmark: @Leslie Namecheap is great to get domains. They do free privacy (which I didn’t know for the longest time)
00:27:33 Lori Reeves: I second the recommendation of Namecheap
00:29:09 Leslie: @LauraKamark yes!!! I love namecheap and that’s who I’ve been checking out these domains with 🙂
00:29:49 Laura Kåmark: Oooh me!!!!!
00:29:55 Kelli Femrite: As soon as you said woo woo I perked up LOL
00:29:59 Lori Reeves: Me too Kelli!!
00:30:02 Kelli Femrite: Ohhhhh
00:30:07 Lori Reeves: Human design!! WOOHOO!!!
00:30:12 Lori Reeves: I’m a 2/4 Manifestor!
00:30:17 Laura Kåmark: Did you have a human design reading?!?!?!
00:30:20 Kelli Femrite: I’ve been learning about human design lately – just getting into it
00:30:26 Laura Kåmark: Manifesting generator here!!!
00:30:53 Kelli Femrite: I listen to the Manifest Mad Money Podcast and the host Yolanda is a human design coach
00:31:22 Lori Reeves: There are several free things online where you can find out your Human Design info. It’s based on your date of birth (including time) and location of birth. SUPER interesting and the information I read after I did mine literally made me cry because I felt SEEN for the first time.
00:32:19 Parisa: I’m not woo but I got offered a reading in exchange for a collaboration and I was amazed by how accurate it was!
00:32:51 Erica Nash: I think my acupuncturist did this on me a looong time ago, but he didn’t call it human design. It was a Chinese word, but that’s what he used. He used that information and even had to know the time zone to make sure the time was accurate. Does anyone know if there is another word for it?
00:33:30 Laura Kåmark: I think they were all full (I think I saw someone posted)
00:33:56 Leslie: Yes, they were full. Also, the times don’t really work for west coasters.
00:34:50 Leslie: Thank you!
00:35:09 Laura Kåmark: Super hand holding workshop
00:35:19 Lori Reeves: @Erica – I don’t know if it was the same thing or something different. In Human Design, there are even variations of each type (that’s why I mentioned the 2/4 part of my type).
00:35:20 Ruha Thurairatnam: All my stuff came up AFTER the workshop
00:35:55 Juanita: I signed up already. It’s 7am MT this Saturday, right?
00:36:07 Shannon Mattern: Yes!
00:36:11 Erica Nash: @Lori hmm
00:36:23 Cory Peterson: Love accountability partners 🙂
00:36:25 Laura Kåmark: Yay for WDA fam accountability!!!
00:36:34 Lori Reeves: Yes! Love my accountability partners!
00:38:32 Shannon Mattern: shannon@shannonmattern.com
00:42:06 Laura Kåmark: @erica I sort of missed when you pivoted. What is your focus now?
00:44:31 Kelli Femrite: Erica I’m feeling this – September was not a great income month for me. Just want to say I understand where you’re coming from!!
00:46:32 Cory Peterson: Same! I read something this weekend that talked about marketing should be 80%+ of your work while you’re ramping up. And there was good advice about making yourself go to networking events, jumping on calls, etc. and knowing you’ll be able to rest and recuperate soon… (resonated to me as an introvert)
00:47:19 Kelli Femrite: Yes… I’m the most impatient person (my husband tells me daily) so I’ve been working on my patience and letting things unfold as they are meant to
00:47:43 Lori Reeves: Can you think of something that would be a step into the right direction? For example a small project that would be for the right kind of client, but wouldn’t be something that would be a big leap for someone who hasn’t worked with you or seen what you could do for them…
00:50:34 Laura Kåmark: I totally take hourly work and I wish I didn’t
00:50:59 Kelli Femrite: Yes I can agree with this!! I had a nightmare client scenario because I backed away from my package matrix this summer and let her purchase hourly work
00:51:44 Patricia Bovell: I do have an hourly client but the hourly rate is a premium price. If I charged a package, it would actually be cheaper for him.
00:52:43 Lori Reeves: Just as a bit extra for my thought: Let’s say you create a small package that allows membership owners to celebrate members who reach an anniversary. A small bit of swag that can be sent but just to those individuals. So they can see what you can do and help them please some people and then they see that the next time they are going to do a launch that they could hire you to really wow their new people…
00:52:52 Patricia Bovell: think of yourself as a consultant.
00:53:05 Patricia Bovell: consultants charge a lot.
00:53:15 Leigh Scott: I need that!
00:54:32 Erica Nash: @Lori, Yes, that’s definitely the idea! For coaches, membership founders, summit hosts, etc
00:54:45 Cory Peterson: I’m revising my package matrix and want to up my prices, but need to sell more at current prices before I feel ok with that…
00:55:09 Kate Newnham: They aren’t paying for overhead costs or benefits… so you can charge more
00:56:05 Leslie: @KateNewham great point. Is that something you bring up with potential clients?
00:56:51 Kate Newnham: @Leslie – I don’t, but it helped get my math right… and it’s a one-shot w/me so there isn’t any “carrying cost” – when I broke down how much I was really seeing in my bank account (after all those things, plus taxes), I need to account for that…
00:57:23 Leslie: Gotcha, thanks!
00:57:59 Laura Kåmark: like when social media goes down and you have no way to reach your audience because you don’t have a list or website
00:58:22 Kelli Femrite: I guess that’s what I’m struggling with….that clients do not see the value of a well designed website. They are ready to invest in other areas but website
00:58:46 Kate Newnham: My whole positioning is “Your website speaks for you when you’re not able to/can’t
00:58:57 Juanita: Exactly @Kelli! Selling the value could be a workshop
00:58:57 Cory Peterson: Dang, so true Shannon
00:59:23 Erica Nash: I will say that since my pivot I’m much more sold on the value I offer and charging higher prices than when I was doing web design.
00:59:38 Lori Reeves: That’s awesome Erica!
01:00:25 Lori Reeves: Sometimes you get tangled in the safety net and can’t extract yourself
01:00:26 Kate Newnham: That’s great @Erica! Can’t wait to see your stuff
01:01:23 Patricia Bovell: thanks everyone!
01:01:26 Lori Reeves: Have a great week everyone!
01:01:28 Laura Kåmark: Thanks!!!
01:01:30 Wendy Coop: Have a great week!