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WDA Live Strategy Call 11-02-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:53 Jackie Barker: That was a MAJOR win. Thanks so much Shannon
00:02:25 Lori Reeves: WIN: I sent some designs of a new logo to my new customer – she loved the initial designs and wanted to see her favorites in some color palettes. Sent those this morning and feel confident in my work! That hardly EVER happens!
00:02:37 Lori Reeves: For graphic design work I mean
00:02:45 Kate Newnham: Well done Lori! WIN: Set up a packaged product for a partner
00:02:54 Ruha Thurairatnam: I just got off a discovery call and didn’t try to contort my services/packages to fit her needs, knowing that it meant it wouldn’t turn into a paid project. She did love how we gelled and offered to send me her clients who need web design work!­­
00:03:22 Kate Newnham: Omg I’m just like you and that’s amazing @Ruha!
00:03:42 Cory Peterson: Win – I
00:04:10 Lori Reeves: Woohoo Ruha!
00:04:12 Cory Peterson: I’ve been working this morning on an anniversary sale promotion to hopefully get more clients in November!
00:04:28 Cory Peterson: Your hair looks amazing Shannon!
00:04:31 Lori Reeves: Yay Cory!
00:05:38 LaShae Dorsey: Sent a first truly actionalble yes/no outreach DM.
00:06:24 Emily Judkins: I launched first client website!
00:06:33 Lori Reeves: Yay Emily!!
00:06:42 Kate Newnham: Congrats Emily!!
00:06:47 Janet Hoover: Hey! Nice, Emily! 🎉
00:13:57 Lori Reeves: Another HUGE win: Yesterday I spent the whole day reworking the weekly emails that I’ll be sending for BrandSchool (which is my biggest deliverable that I have to work on each week for that program). And I finished an AH-MAZING 8-week sequence THAT CAN BE REPEATED EVERY 8 WEEKS without me tweaking them and they’ll still work for anyone in the program every week! This means that my weekly email commitment is taken care of for the foreseeable future (until I decide to look at them again and tweak here or there). Oh! And I also simplified the format so it’s easier to understand what I’m asking them to do (they have different options of what to do, but it apparently looked before like I was trying to ask them to do ALL the options).
00:15:00 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Lori that’s rad!
00:15:16 Lori Reeves: Thanks Erika! I was on Cloud 9 last night when I finished!
00:15:23 LaShae Dorsey: Lori that is AMAZIG!
00:15:32 Lori Reeves: Thanks LaShae!
00:15:57 Emily Judkins: thanks Janet 😊
00:17:45 Janet Hoover: Such an excellent question, Ruha!
00:20:04 Kate Newnham: Wow @Lori!!!
00:20:16 Kate Newnham: Jealous… I just started my first ever email sequence LOL
00:24:06 Erica Nash: That was a great question, Ruha
00:24:59 Cory Peterson: That is a huge mindset shift!
00:26:33 Erica Nash: That’s huge, Lori! Freedommmmm haha
00:26:51 judy bigham: congrats Lori!
00:27:17 Lori Reeves: And it came from feedback in a New Member Orientation live call last week
00:27:40 Lori Reeves: Thanks everyone!
00:31:48 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: *raises hand in shame*’
00:31:59 Erica Nash: hahah
00:33:59 Laura Kåmark: Sounds like my puppy people site
00:36:24 Lori Reeves: Interesting perspective, Shannon!! Mindset shift!
00:40:46 Janet Hoover: My biggest client had the same situation years of ghosting and 20K down the drain – it took her about 5 years to finally let me help her. She’s a minor celebrity and her business has blown up in the last year once she let go (it was scary, no doubt after what she went thru) — she’s my biggest cheerleader now. She mini case study was my insta post this week (that I was so proud of lol). You’re going to make her life better and easier and less stressful with YOUR theme, etc.
00:41:12 Lori Reeves: That’s amazing Janet!
00:41:40 Lori Reeves: And let people search for a destination in their time frame!
00:42:32 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: How does the 10x work for people that don’t have high ticket sales? I get a lot of hair stylists that want my services
00:43:00 Laura Kåmark: Heart you Cory!
00:45:05 Lori Reeves: Erika, are the salons at full capacity when they hire you? What would it mean for their bottom line if they were? Or customers who want a higher-priced specific kind of service?
00:45:28 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: That’s a great question to ask them Lori.
00:46:37 Lori Reeves: I bought a pair of pants for $90. But they don’t fit anymore. So I want another pair of great pants, but I want the store I buy them from to know that I already spent $90 on pants…so these pants should cost less 😂
00:47:41 Kim Brock: I wish that’s how pants (and other things) worked! Lol
00:48:29 Janet Hoover: I have a web dev friend who has a huge business in Australia…once service he has is a monthly fee – includes hosting, etc. Clients use one of his custom themes but it make it affordable (a monthly fee) and you get recurring$
00:49:06 Kate Newnham: Another option is a payment plan over the course of a year even if it only takes you a couple months to do the website work…
00:49:36 Kate Newnham: (I’m hesitant to offer that because I want the money now, but it helps people feel better about paying a lot)
00:51:39 Lori Reeves: Right Kim? That’s how people treat the kind of work we do, though. 🥴
00:52:22 Erica Nash: Is there a rule of thumb for the timeline in which they should 10x the investment? I can’t remember.
00:53:45 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I have another consult in 15 so I have to run to prep for it. Thanks for everything as usual!!!
01:02:22 Jackie Barker: Thanks Shannon!