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WDA Live Strategy Call 11-09-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:41 Lori Reeves: Happy belated Barb!
00:00:54 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Thanks Lori!!! 41 is AWESOME!!!
00:01:05 Lori Reeves: 40-everything is awesome!
00:01:18 Cory Peterson: Yay for wins! Agree 40-everything is THE BEST!
00:01:38 Emily Judkins: I sent my first questionnaire and booking link to a potential client.
00:01:49 Leslie: I got a very warm and supportive response from someone I reached out to from the Find Your Next Client Workshop!!
00:01:54 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: #win Just offered a client a website at my highest price and she didn’t flinch! She’ll def be booking!!
00:01:54 Wendy Coop: @Emily – that’s great!
00:02:01 Cory Peterson: Wins – so many great connections on LinkedIn lately, getting over my fear of outreach. AND sent a proposal to a gal this morning – fingers crossed!
00:02:02 Wendy Coop: @Leslie – awesome!
00:02:09 Ruha Thurairatnam: I can’t think of a win but this week it needs to be saying no to a few things so I’m less overwhelmed!
00:02:22 Erica Nash: Huge win: taught my first workshop last week as a guest for a coaching program. It went so well. She loved it, said she “loved how my brain works,” that it was easy to understand, actionable, and her “favorite guest workshop ever”!! 🥳
00:02:25 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: I LOVE seeing y’all’s wins!!!
00:02:26 Wendy Coop: Nice job Barb and Cory!
00:02:34 Wendy Coop: @Ruha – we are glad you’re here!
00:02:50 Cory Peterson: I knew you were a Scorpio Shannon!
00:03:03 Lori Reeves: WIN: I was passed over for a job LOL (I consider this a win because I was contacted personally by someone who wanted to pass along a job opportunity to me and I was hesitant (at best) to go ahead and apply. But it was for a pretty big name in online business and felt I couldn’t NOT apply. But I was struggling with what I would do if I was actually hired. So I’m so relieved that I don’t appear to be a good fit!
00:03:06 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Yay Erica!!!! (We need to book our lunch!)
00:03:14 Wendy Coop: @Erica – that’s huge! Way to go!
00:03:18 Lori Reeves: Yay Cory!
00:03:51 Wendy Coop: @Lori – congrats on not winning something that wasn’t a fit for you!
00:04:21 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: #win I let go of my “big beefy contract” AND I have SO many opportunities that have come to me since letting it go! I don’t NEED a safety net of a corporate contract!
00:04:31 Jackie Barker: #Win lots of new connects and my past client reached out wanting a call early next month
00:04:45 Wendy Coop: @Barb – great job!
00:04:47 Tiffany Souhrada: Finished and uploaded my brain dump book to lulu.com for print on demand…made 2 sales even before promoting it!
00:05:01 Wendy Coop: @Tiffany – OMG! Amazing!
00:05:29 Jackie Barker: 11/22 was my dad’s birthday! I KNEW I liked you @Shannon 🙂
00:05:46 Erica Nash: @Barb, YES!
00:06:10 Wendy Coop: @Jackie – yes!
00:06:21 judy bigham: Just overall… The positive energy and creativity is flowin’! Ever since I went live with my Home Page
00:06:58 Tiffany Souhrada: Loving all these!
00:07:22 Jackie Barker: Woohoo to the WOOWOO
00:08:06 Kate Newnham: Win: I set up a partnership with someone I used to work with who does brand storytelling and is going to refer me to his 30+ clients to do their website… and I’m the only one he will be referring them to… and we have the SAME target audience, so it’s perfect!
00:08:19 Wendy Coop: @Kate – that’s great!
00:08:20 Jackie Barker: It’s all about the woo Shannon!
00:08:27 Lori Reeves: Yahoo Kate!!
00:08:31 Kate Newnham: Thanks @Wendy! I’m nervous but excited!
00:08:33 Cory Peterson: Wow – Kate!
00:08:48 judy bigham: Awesome Kate!
00:09:46 Leslie Zemenek: Win: I have my first call for a Brand Fingerprint consult call. The person reached out to me after I posted an introduction in a LinkedIn group. She asked, “How can I learn more?”
00:09:56 Lori Reeves: Yay Leslie!!!
00:10:01 Wendy Coop: @Leslie Z – I love that!
00:10:01 Cory Peterson: LESLIE!!!
00:10:03 Kate Newnham: Great @Leslie! Excited to hear how it goes
00:10:17 LaShae Dorsey: Amazing wins everyone!
00:10:18 Laura Kåmark: @Leslie!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!
00:10:41 Laura Kåmark: dreamium!!!
00:11:16 Kate Newnham: So many wins! It’s very inspiring and I hope to get where so many of you are now.
00:11:32 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Exactly Lori!!!!
00:11:52 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Yes! Walking in our own truth!!
00:11:55 Alecia St Germain: YES!!!! LORI!
00:12:05 Cory Peterson: Y’all are giving me chills
00:14:40 Alecia St Germain: WHOOT! WHOOT!
00:14:52 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: YAYYY LESLIE!!!
00:15:25 Lori Reeves: You had the intuitive hit and just FOLLOWED IT!!! That’s the key!
00:15:42 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Hahaha Lori and I share a brain.
00:15:52 Lori Reeves: Our brain is delicious Barb
00:16:16 Lori Reeves: Don’t invite your mind in on the conversation you have with your intuition
00:16:20 Laura Kåmark: WIN: I just got back from 5 days in North Carolina where I got to hang out with Sarah Masci, Clare, and 6 other online entrepreneurs. Bonding, masterminding, and just taking space away from my computer!
00:17:05 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Laura!!!! That’s SOOOOO awesome!!!
00:17:20 Lori Reeves: I want to see that picture of you and Clare, Laura!
00:17:26 Erica Nash: @Laura, that sounds incredible!
00:22:38 Wendy Coop: @Laura – sounds like it was great!
00:29:25 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Alecia over here droppin that mic!
00:29:32 Lori Reeves: And you’ve actually done some market research on the call!
00:32:02 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Not anymore!
00:46:30 Ruha Thurairatnam: OOooohhh @Erica do it
00:48:50 Kate Newnham: LinkedIn!
00:49:04 Cory Peterson: It works!
00:49:25 Cory Peterson: It’s so much easier to target your exact ideal client and reach out warmly
00:49:52 Kate Newnham: Produce regular content that’s helpful to others, post your work, make connections with your target. Just be consistent.
00:50:30 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Erica you are sooooooooooooo amazing, Friend!!!!
00:51:35 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Own your magic, girl!
00:53:54 Cory Peterson: You’re such a rockstar Erica!!!
00:54:37 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Sorry y’all… my husband is playing with our kitties and being so silly.
00:56:21 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: I love the WDA Fam! Y’all are AMAZING 💖
00:56:35 Erica Nash: Thank you guys 🖤🖤
00:57:28 Kate Newnham: Thanks everyone! Good to see you
00:57:45 Barb ∞ Infinity Brand Design: Wear waterproof mascara haha
00:57:47 Alecia St Germain: No pressure!
00:57:51 judy bigham: Bring tissues!