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WDA Live Strategy Call 11-16-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:10:46 Janet Hoover: FOMO or comparison is a struggle
00:11:04 Cory Peterson: Believing in my pricing
00:11:08 LaShae Dorsey: once I get to actually talking to customers about what I do
00:11:22 Kate Newnham: Yes to all of the above lol
00:11:43 Robin Smith: Shiny Object Syndrome
00:11:51 Erica Nash: Showing up confidently. I always feel like I’m bothering people.
00:11:59 Laura Kåmark: Being visible
00:12:10 Wendy Coop: Every time I try to leave web design and tech for another industry, I get pulled back in and I am struggling to make web design and tech work for me and then move forward with coaching.
00:14:17 Cory Peterson: Win – made a great connection with a marketing strategist today who needs a web designer and has clients who needs a web designer
00:14:33 Laura Kåmark: Win: I’m going to my first in person women entrepreneur networking event. Going to do it messy and scared (crowds totally freak me out) (and strangers)
00:17:18 Lori Reeves: Yay Cory and Laura!!
00:17:32 Wendy Coop: Great job Laura and Cory!
00:17:45 Cory Peterson: So cool Robin! What was it about?
00:19:03 LaShae Dorsey: Yay congrats on your wins ladies!
00:19:14 Wendy Coop: Awesome to hear Robin!
00:19:52 Robin Smith: Cory, it was about Hallmark Christmas Towns in Tennessee.
00:20:22 Cory Peterson: Love it! Congrats!
00:21:25 Robin Smith: Thanks
00:22:47 Laura Kåmark: Instacart was totally my idea for my college senior project 16+ years ago. We called it Time Concierge
00:27:31 Robin Smith: I’m dealing with the same thing Janet.
00:29:03 judy bigham: Me too Janet and Robin!
00:31:17 judy bigham: What if the first decision is whether I will do that specific thing?
00:31:47 Kate Newnham: Making a decision may help inform another decision.
00:33:47 judy bigham: Me
00:39:45 Lori Reeves: Ooh Robin I want to read that article! I want to go to them!!!
00:42:53 Robin Smith: Lori…are you from Tennessee?
00:42:56 Kate Newnham: Q: I have to create a video to go along with my presentation and I’m horrible at doing it… are there techniques/things you say to yourself to come across as confident and believable?
00:43:32 Wendy Coop: @Kate – I can also help you with that!
00:43:50 LaShae Dorsey: Kate I tend to pretend I’m talking to my best friend and we just happen to be on video doing it.
00:43:59 Kate Newnham: Ahh helpful, thank you @LaShae!
00:44:09 Janet Hoover: Good tip LaShae
00:44:55 Wendy Coop: @Kate- I also release myself from feeling like I have to get it all right in one take. Mistakes are okay. That’s what editors are for!
00:45:29 Kate Newnham: Great tip @Wendy
00:45:47 Robin Smith: Pretend the camera is your friend. Be as natural as possible. Make sure your background is uncluttered.
00:46:06 Kate Newnham: Don’t you ever hate the sound of your own voice?
00:46:46 Robin Smith: Yes, but after you do it a while, you get used to it.
00:46:59 Kate Newnham: Yeah, I’m a newbie. I think it’s just doing it imperfectly.
00:47:28 Robin Smith: After a while, you might find it is actually fun!
00:50:07 Robin Smith: I will be leaving at 3:45 due to an appointment that I have to drive to.
00:52:56 Robin Smith: Thank you Alecia. As always, You are awesome!
00:53:47 Janet Hoover: You’re not alone LaShae!
00:55:42 Kate Newnham: Sometimes, I find someone I admire who’s famous and act like her when I’m not feeling confident.
00:56:48 Janet Hoover: Don’t hide from me lol!
00:57:09 LaShae Dorsey: No hiding Janet lol!
00:57:10 Laura Kåmark: @Megan that looks like my kitty!
00:57:53 Megan Lovino: @Laura Aww! My kitty loves to attend meetings haha
00:59:37 Laura Kåmark: @Megan Mine too!! I’m actually surprised she hasn’t set up camp on my lap today
01:06:36 Cory Peterson: https://www.notnicebook.com/ I’m enjoying this book – it feels like it was written for me and my big assumption
01:10:26 Janet Hoover: Thank you so much!!
01:10:29 Kate Newnham: That was AMAZING!!!
01:10:31 Kelli Femrite: Empaths! We feel all the feelings
01:10:37 LaShae Dorsey: Thank you sooooo much!!!