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WDA Live Strategy Call 11-30-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:59 Lori Reeves: So…I hired a publicity coach and I had a call yesterday so we can start to strategize a media piece we’ll be pitching to …. FORBES!!!
00:02:24 Erica Nash: Freaking awesome, Lori!!
00:02:24 Alanna Singleton: Wow, Forbes!!
00:02:25 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Non business win – my brand new car (2022) has been in the shop for almost 3 months, I just got it back today
00:02:31 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: And Lori that is AWESOME
00:02:37 Leslie Zemenek: I have my first Brand Fingerprint consultation call with a potential client today after this call.
00:02:53 Cory Peterson: Win: Just got off my kickoff call with my “big” client. So excited to dive in!
00:03:02 Lori Reeves: Yay Leslie!
00:03:05 Lori Reeves: Yay Cory!!!
00:03:12 Cory Peterson: Yay LORI!
00:03:13 Robin Smith: Congrats on Forbes! Way to go, so proud of you!
00:03:22 Lori Reeves: Thank you, Robin!!
00:03:39 LaShae Dorsey: Yayyyy! Wait who had Forbes? I’m a little late
00:03:43 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Business win – I’m deciding to take the month of December slow, to focus on the goals for the new year and really determine how I want the direction of my business to go.
00:04:03 Lori Reeves: Alanna your hair is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
00:04:03 Alanna Singleton: I updated my linked in header which included my freebie info.
00:04:08 Erica Nash: I was feeling very blah the past couple of weeks and unable to move forward with business stuff, but yesterday I rearranged my office and it was so good for my mindset! Ready to tackle client work again.
00:04:11 Robin Smith: Leslie, If I can provide a testimonial to help you, let me know.
00:04:25 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Erica, come help me with mine please!
00:04:31 Alanna Singleton: Thank you Lori! You’ll never believe how I did it 🙂
00:04:35 LaShae Dorsey: I got a stalled project moving toward its finish line!
00:04:46 Erica Nash: Haha! I totally would!
00:04:50 Cory Peterson: Shannon – you’re last podcast episode had so much gold in it!!
00:04:54 Lori Reeves: Woohoo LaShae!
00:05:03 Robin Smith: I’m getting caught up on writing and client work after 6 weeks of back to back travel.
00:05:03 Barb: #win I didn’t work over Thanksgiving!!
00:05:30 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: These are all so awesome!
00:05:50 LaShae Dorsey: Woohoooo huge wins everyone!
00:05:57 Lori Reeves: I’m a new plant mom! I’m LOVING them!!
00:05:58 Leslie Zemenek: Robin, that would be awesome! I’ll message you later.
00:05:59 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I get so overwhelmed when I walk in my office, I just back out slowly and go work on the couch
00:06:07 Lori Reeves: I just started with plants and now I have something like 15 of them all over the house.
00:06:09 Barb: bahaha I can SO relate to plant stress! haha I can kill a cactus
00:06:29 Nay Stevens: I am finalising my high end client project and she is in love with it so far. And just started another project that is fun for me so looking forward to having a slow January!
00:06:51 Kate Newnham: WIN: I quit my part time job that didn’t at all align to what I want to do in my new web design business. I feel super energized, but terrified that I won’t be successful in web design…
00:07:07 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: KATE! That’s awesome!
00:07:10 Lori Reeves: Nay!!! Woohoo!
00:07:16 Kate Newnham: Thanks @Erica!!
00:07:16 Lori Reeves: And Kate! HUGE win!!
00:07:17 Cory Peterson: Kate!!! You’ve got what it takes! Woo hoo!
00:07:22 Robin Smith: I’d like to attend that…but couldn’t find much info…just a sign-up page but no details.
00:07:25 Nay Stevens: Amazing Kate!!
00:07:40 Lori Reeves: Same Robin – I only signed up so I could hang out with Shannon! LOL
00:07:43 Kate Newnham: Thanks all!
00:07:52 Kate Newnham: Yay Nay!!
00:08:03 Kate Newnham: I kill all plants @Lori. yay!!
00:09:40 Lori Reeves: I used to kill plants, Kate. For some reason, I’m doing it right now.
00:20:15 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I’ve made some questionable money choices in my life. And even when I make the money back, it doesn’t stop me from feeling shitty about my decision. It really comes to accepting it as a lesson learned for me.
00:24:40 Trish Bovell: you made the best decision with the info you knew at the time. Now you know more and would not make that decision now.
00:24:54 Kate Newnham: If I only knew then what I know now…
00:26:04 Nay Stevens: oh yeah! Constant anxiety everytime I would see their email in my inbox
00:26:15 Kate Newnham: Waiting for feedback – TORTURE!
00:26:25 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: One of the written goals for me for the new year is to set up an auto responder and not replying within 30 seconds.
00:26:55 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: OMG Kate – yes. It’s immediate imposter syndrome when I send a design out for review.
00:27:19 Trish Bovell: I am resisting the impulse to check my email until after a few hours from starting work. It’s hard.
00:27:40 Barb: I struggle with this too Ruha
00:27:57 Leslie Zemenek: Boundaries has been my biggest life lesson. Everywhere, not just business. In terms of business I’ve learned that raising prices takes care of some of that. Those who are likely to violate your boundaries tend to be cheap and will go away. Having higher prices can send the message that you deserve respect.
00:27:59 Kate Newnham: I heard someone say once “if it’s not a full body yes, then it’s a no”
00:28:09 judy bigham: Got the Not Nice book and it’s eye opening. Forgot who in this group suggested it !
00:28:10 Leslie Zemenek: Kate, I love that!
00:28:17 Nay Stevens: @Erika, I did that and one client told me it was annoying for him! lol – needless to say I’m not working with him anymore…
00:28:21 Trish Bovell: If someone tries to pin me down, I try to say ‘let me think about that for a day before responding’
00:28:29 Lori Reeves: I basically say that, but what I say is “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!”
00:28:37 Cory Peterson: Yes – the Not Nice book is SO GOOD – I’m getting so much out of it
00:28:38 Kate Newnham: Yup @Lori!!
00:28:59 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Adding Not Nice to my goodreads right now!
00:29:02 Leslie Zemenek: PITA surcharge
00:29:07 Lori Reeves: The Not Nice book??? Sounds like I need to head to Amazon!
00:29:09 Kate Newnham: I LOVE PITA
00:29:20 Trish Bovell: I’ve used the PITA upcharge 😀
00:30:17 Cory Peterson: lol (i had to google pita) now i’ll be using that all the time
00:30:23 Lori Reeves: LOL Cory!!
00:30:38 Kate Newnham: Time is precious. Don’t give it away.
00:32:08 Trish Bovell: unless you have a team – you can only do so much. You’re building a business.
00:32:13 Janet Hoover: I’ve decided that advanced SEO is not something I want to do, but have found an amazing person who DOES do that and I send my clients there
00:32:30 Lori Reeves: Ruha – I remind myself that because I’m in charge, I get to decide if I do things or not. Can you just feel into yourself and see if you WANT to do each one? If it’s a feeling like…ugh…then it’s a no. If it’s something that makes your eyebrows perk up, that’s a yes!
00:33:00 Erica Nash: One time Ruha, YOU told me, their answer is out there, it doesn’t have to be you.
00:33:10 Trish Bovell: Advanced SEO is also resource-heavy.
00:33:34 Lori Reeves: “I don’t offer that service”
00:33:37 Trish Bovell: in other words, it takes a lot of time to do Advanced SEO
00:34:03 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Ah, yes please
00:34:59 Kate Newnham: Or create referral fees with people… get cash on you referring people
00:35:30 Patti Steorts: yeah it’s definitely tough sometimes to say no but I’m learning to do that a lot more and be much firmer.
00:36:30 Patti Steorts: buy you have to remember that there are sooooo many clients out there
00:41:04 Ruha Thurairatnam: Thanks everyone ❤️
00:41:15 Robin Smith: You have to learn to say NO so you have the time to Say YES to what matters most!
00:47:35 Trish Bovell: I have to leave. Cya next time
00:52:07 LaShae Dorsey: @Kate someone who serves functional nutritionists is Ronda Nelson.
00:52:20 Kate Newnham: Ooh thank you!!
00:53:04 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: YES BARB! Building your business on weird.
00:53:08 Janet Hoover: That’s wonderful, Barb!
00:53:58 LaShae Dorsey: @Kate Another is RitaMarie Loscalzo
00:54:22 Barb: It takes the pressure off of YOU and puts your focus on THEM
00:54:37 Barb: Marketing becomes easy breezy
00:55:12 Barb: Yes! Your passion is magnetic!
00:55:24 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: That’s exactly how I have landed each client. They see how excited I am and they want a part of it
00:55:52 Robin Smith: So many people have told me that when I talk about Travel or Christmas I light up and have passion. It does make a difference.
00:56:05 Kate Newnham: For sure! Thank you!
01:00:07 Lori Reeves: I’ve had trouble with Smush making the images pixelated.
01:00:16 Leslie Zemenek: Me too
01:00:26 Lori Reeves: Webp format is the way to go
01:00:28 Shannon Mattern: https://wordpress.org/plugins/imagify/
01:00:37 Nay Stevens: same – ive started saving images as webp
01:00:45 judy bigham: Where hosting?
01:01:10 Lori Reeves: I was going to mention hosting, too. For a website that is super image heavy, that may require a better hosting company or plan.
01:02:21 judy bigham: Lazy loading?
01:02:36 Lori Reeves: That’s typical, though. Mobile is almost always slower.
01:03:06 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Thank you