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WDA Live Strategy Call 12-07-2021

This’s Weeks Questions

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00:01:14 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Win – I had a photo shoot today for branding, ready to get my ass in gear for the new year
00:01:27 Kaila Anderson: Thanks! 🙂
00:01:32 Kaila Anderson: Yep!
00:01:38 Erica Nash: I moved past my fear and scheduled an IG live workshop for next week!
00:01:43 Ruha Thurairatnam: I have a second premium retainer client lined up to start in the new year once we complete her website redesign.
00:01:54 Emily Judkins: I sent my first potential client email!
00:01:57 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: It’s a rare occurance
00:02:03 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: YES ERICA
00:02:17 Erica Nash: Scaring all the people
00:02:18 Cory Peterson: On a group post asking for web design I threw my name in the ring, along with 20 other web designers – often I would shy away from it, but I thought why not me? Consult tomorrow 🙂
00:03:14 Lori Reeves: Yay Cory and Ruha!!
00:04:01 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Emily that’s huge! Congrats.
00:05:18 Leigh Scott: I have a developer lined up for my next project (first time for me)
00:05:51 Kaila Anderson: Signing up for the course!
00:06:23 Wendy Coop: Win: Movers just brought our goods today and I made it!
00:06:43 Kim Brock: I have a call Friday to finalize details for a 2022 job 😄 and a podcast interview tomorrow 😮
00:07:03 LaShae Dorsey: I applied to work with a multi 6 figure course creator
00:07:14 Wendy Coop: Congrats to all of the wins I saw and didn’t see!
00:07:33 Cory Peterson: WOW! You are all rocking it, as usual!!!
00:07:51 Erica Nash: So many good wins today!!!! Way to go team.
00:07:58 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I LOVE seeing so many people here!
00:08:45 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I remember when I was overwhelmed and wanted to burn it all down and Erica made me step off the ledge.
00:10:11 Lori Reeves: Oh! Here’s a win: I feel like I’m FINALLY grasping how to put together shareable content that I can batch create and schedule so I can do a month of DAILY content at one time.
00:10:28 Erica Nash: That’s huge, Lori
00:10:41 LaShae Dorsey: Woah Lori! that is awesome
00:10:42 Lori Reeves: It FEELS huge, Erica!
00:10:49 Lori Reeves: Thanks LaShae!
00:11:35 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I’m still struggling hard with social. I never know what to say
00:12:24 Emily Judkins: If there’s no questions can you help me word smith my response to those that ask what my degree is in or where I got my degree?
00:12:52 Lori Reeves: I also had what feels like a brilliant idea of a way to get leads organically this morning
00:13:30 Wendy Coop: I have found the content is largely based on what you want them to know and how aware of your services you want them to be. So maybe your post is a client win. Maybe your post is a story about something you learned. Maybe your post is just the fact that you’re open to new clients. The main thing is to start and have conversations.
00:14:01 Kate Newnham: QUESTION: I’m seriously doubting my web design expertise and one of my current clients (that I do Project Management for and just quit) asked me to put together a proposal to redesign their website. I’m TERRIFIED and the guy is super direct (too direct honestly, and often rude) so I need to sort through what’s fear/afraid of being judged vs. an honest gut feeling of not working with that type of client. It could be a great opportunity to get more clients too! They have a LOT of connections… help…
00:14:45 Kate Newnham: I find LinkedIn incredibly helpful.
00:15:30 Wendy Coop: @Kate – is this a job you want to do? Sounds like you’re more afraid of his judgement and that is affecting your view of your capabilities.
00:18:26 Kate Newnham: @Wendy – Thx for this! I’m relatively new at creating websites so I’m far from an expert, but I’ve done a few. My dream clients have been incredibly kind and I’ve loved working w/them. I’m not into working with critical people AT ALL. I also almost quit working w/him a couple times in the last few months because he was rude… so perhaps I’ve answered my own question…
00:21:17 Wendy Coop: @Kate – I think you have. You may be signing up for a nightmare experience if this client isn’t really aligned with you.
00:22:09 Kate Newnham: Haha yeah I think it’s a “no”. THANK YOU @WENDY!
00:22:23 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: Thank you Lori!
00:22:24 Erica Nash: Thanks for sharing, Lori! Love that system.
00:22:25 Kaila Anderson: @Kate I know I’m new here but it really does sound like in your heart, you know! I feel like the more this type of situation happens, the more you trust your gut!
00:22:29 Wendy Coop: @Kate – you are welcome!
00:22:37 Lori Reeves: You’re all welcome! Hope it was helpful!
00:22:38 Kate Newnham: You’re totally right @Kaila!
00:22:43 Rachel: Thanks Lori!
00:23:51 Cory Peterson: https://theviralcontentclub.com/
00:24:22 Lori Reeves: And BTW – I have never used this system, so I’m not “plugging” it. But I think her concept is fabulous and easy to conceptualize.
00:26:57 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I’ve honestly never had anyone ask me that
00:27:56 Rachel: Perfect!
00:28:04 Kate Newnham: Me neither… I think it’s because the target audience is highly educated and they pride themselves on that? AND… Emily looks so young!
00:28:28 Kate Newnham: It’s not frowned upon anymore at ALL
00:28:53 Kate Newnham: “I’m like Zuckerburg”
00:28:54 Leigh Scott: Zuckerberg
00:29:17 judy bigham: Joanna Gaines
00:29:31 Kaila Anderson: Yasss
00:30:03 Erica Nash: I don’t NEED one. I taught everything to myself. And then whip your hair. 😂
00:30:05 Wendy Coop: I like the phrase “I didn’t go to school for web design.”
00:30:07 LaShae Dorsey: I never knew that Joanna Gaines DIDN’T have a degree.
00:30:12 Lori Reeves: LOL Erica!
00:30:32 Lori Reeves: LaShae, You didn’t know because IT’S NOT RELEVANT!
00:30:50 Rachel: There’s a number of women Nobel prizewinners for literature who are self taught – autodidact is the term
00:31:44 Kaila Anderson: “I went to the school of hard knocks”
00:31:45 Kaila Anderson: lol
00:31:54 Rachel: Light-hearted
00:32:01 Lori Reeves: Tell people you were personally taught by the smartest person you know – YOU!!
00:32:05 LaShae Dorsey: yes school of hard knocks is in my linked in bio – school of fluent self
00:33:08 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I think having a degree in something else is a point to show that you’re willing and capable of learning new skills
00:33:13 Leigh Scott: never
00:33:19 Lori Reeves: You could always follow up the “I don’t have a degree in that” by saying something about how long you’ve been doing web design (if you’ve been at it for a while)
00:33:37 Ruha Thurairatnam: ­No one seems interested in my portfolio, let alone my degree
00:33:39 Cory Peterson: People are always surprised I’m self taught, but then it leads to a bit of respect (I think)
00:33:40 Wendy Coop: I have 3 degrees and no one has ever asked me about them.
00:33:49 Lori Reeves: I’ve had people ask me before, but I have a degree in Psychology, so I always tell people that helps me in marketing
00:33:52 Erica Nash: I’m trying to remember the last time someone asked me about my degree. Literally years.
00:34:00 Rachel: Lori – me too!
00:34:08 Lori Reeves: Awesome Rachel!
00:34:14 Cory Peterson: People do look at my LinkedIn and say what happened with biology?
00:34:22 Janet Hoover: And really….is there a “degree” in web design? I went do school (granted it was in 2010) but the web portion of my degree sucked lol! I ended up learning more on my own and went to the Web Designer Beauty School (no longer in business) to learn TONS more
00:34:30 Lori Reeves: I agree that it adds to the respect people have for you, Cory!
00:34:36 Erica Nash: When you are asked that question and tell them you don’t have a degree, how do they respond?
00:34:38 Kaila Anderson: Have the follow up question back to them prepared in your head for these situations. That way you can respond ‘I don’t have one’ with confidence, and move into a new topic smoothly and quickly!
00:34:42 Wendy Coop: Sounds respectable to me!
00:34:44 Lori Reeves: There actually IS a degree in web design
00:34:57 Janda White: “I dove right into the entrepreneurial world actually. What about you?”
00:34:58 Cory Peterson: Yes @Kalia!
00:35:07 Lori Reeves: Love that Janda!
00:35:17 Cory Peterson: Janda! Yes!
00:35:23 Erika ⚡ Brazen Babes Design: I have to run. Thank you all for being amazing.
00:35:31 Kaila Anderson: Oh, love that too @Janda
00:35:32 LaShae Dorsey: I think if you used the word “autodidactic” you’ll probably shut the question right down. Oh I’m autodidactic and college slowed me down
00:35:33 Lori Reeves: Same here Shannon
00:35:45 Lori Reeves: Love that LaShae!!
00:35:49 Cory Peterson: Awesome LaShae!
00:35:53 Janda White: Nice, LaShae!
00:36:05 Lori Reeves: You COULD say something about being smarter and NOT going into debt for your education, but that would probably piss some people off LOL
00:36:16 LaShae Dorsey: Ha Lori yes.
00:37:28 Cory Peterson: I have a no assholes policy
00:37:33 Christine Westlake: RUN!
00:38:01 Rachel: Love that Cory!
00:38:02 LaShae Dorsey: Definitely RUN! especially if it felt abrasive in another role already
00:42:19 judy bigham: But your web design business serves health and wellness
00:42:49 judy bigham: Do they still fall under that
00:43:02 Lori Reeves: I agree with Judy. If you really just DON’T want to work with him, you can just tell him that you’re focusing on different types of businesses than that business.
00:43:03 Janet Hoover: Can you tell him, yes, I’m starting on web design, but my focus is on X clients
00:43:29 Lori Reeves: Are they connected to other potential clients in health & wellness??
00:43:32 Leigh Scott: That’s what I’ve started to do for people/markets I’m hesitant to work with. I quote a price where I wouldn’t feel regret if they accept.
00:44:43 Lori Reeves: Would working with a SAAS help you work faster with a health & wellness entrepreneur?
00:45:11 Lori Reeves: Businesses aren’t profitable for a while after they start.
00:48:52 Rachel: Sounds like the combination of being new and working with a difficult client
00:51:35 Rachel: This is so helpful!
00:51:48 Lori Reeves: Yeah, FANTASTIC guidance, Shannon!
00:52:39 Lori Reeves: It’s the order-taker vs. the project leader
00:53:38 Lori Reeves: So many people think you could point in the dark at a web designer and they’d basically all be the same. But that couldn’t be further from the way we actually are.
00:53:46 Kate Newnham: Thank you everyone!!!
00:54:11 Lori Reeves: I AM extra sweary.
00:55:07 Rachel: Thank you Shannon! First call! So happy to be here!!!
00:55:31 Rachel: Here in Dublin
00:55:31 Nikki B: thank you
00:55:34 Rachel: 🙂
00:56:48 Kate Newnham: I do!!
00:56:56 Kate Newnham: What’s the URL/Info?
00:57:03 Rachel: It’s in the calendar
00:57:21 Janet Hoover: Cool!