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WDA Live Strategy Call 12-14-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:00:41 Deanna: I’m back!!!
00:01:07 Rachel: Hi!!!
00:01:29 Trish Bovell: hi!
00:02:18 Deanna: I joined!!! 💖
00:02:29 Lisa Doiron: Joined WDA!!
00:02:34 Leigh Scott: I have target launch dates for my 2 large zombie projects (projects that keep going on and on and on)
00:02:38 Erica Nash: Since yesterday, I have received THREE invitations to be interviewed on different podcasts and talk about designing dynamic courses. 🥳
00:02:39 Rachel: Yes! Joined WDA!!!
00:02:40 Junia Judson: Joined WDA!!
00:02:59 Trish Bovell: I got confirmation from a zombie client (since June) that we’re going ahead in January
00:03:19 Rachel: Awesome Erica!!!
00:03:19 Ruha Thurairatnam: I didn’t bend over backwards for a client today and stopped the guilt trip before it got too far
00:03:42 Trish Bovell: I was interviewed (video) by my library talking about my business & their business programs
00:06:43 Erica Nash: The presentation was great to find my focus again!
00:06:45 Janet Hoover: I really loved it and very excited about 2022!
00:14:32 Janet Hoover: Shannon, would that include the design? The mid-level
00:17:57 Laura Kåmark: I don’t do copy, I have a copywriter I refer clients to
00:18:40 Lisa Doiron: So do you make that part of your package price Laura, or do you have them pay that separately?
00:22:31 Laura Kåmark: @Lisa the project I just booked I did not include copy in the matrix, she is going separately to the copywriter I recommend
00:22:36 Deanna: Same as Laura – I offer it as an add on on my proposal
00:25:13 Rachel: This is so helpful!
00:33:03 Deanna: So would you consider that high touch and them filling it out lower touch
00:33:11 Deanna: Lol – you just answered it for me
00:35:17 Emily Judkins: would you ever share the package matrix at the end of the discovery call?
00:41:21 Rachel: Yes, I would love to learn that!
00:41:21 Leigh Scott: Half a logo with a color by numbers for the other half
00:42:22 Leslie Zemenek: Two professional writer’s org’s pricing guides for copywriting:
00:42:27 Leslie Zemenek: https://www.awai.com/web-marketing/pricing-guide/
00:42:40 Leslie Zemenek: https://www.professionalwritersalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/rep_AWAI_Copywriting_Pricing_Guide.pdf
00:43:20 Trish Bovell: thanks, Leslie
00:43:31 Kaila Anderson: My copywriter charges $1500CDN for a 5 page-ish site.
00:43:50 Kaila Anderson: If that’s helpful at all.
00:44:10 Junia Judson: I never got an email about my roadmap either. But it’s in my dashboard.
00:44:26 Elyse Robertson: wow. that’s very inexpensive. who is your copywriter?
00:46:00 Kaila Anderson: https://www.heliumcommunications.ca/
00:47:04 Elyse Robertson: thanks.
00:47:11 Elyse Robertson: you should offer to re-do their website
00:49:06 Kaila Anderson: If you reach out, please tell her I sent you but maybe don’t quote that price as it may be based on our past working relationship! And yes! I definitely should!
00:49:44 Elyse Robertson: for sure
00:53:44 Lisa Doiron: Do we get a recording of these meetings?
00:53:55 Rachel: This is ALL of the stuff I didn’t know how to do that has been preventing me from working with clients!
00:54:32 LaShae Dorsey: @Lisa – yes they all go into the private podcast and a link is in the dashboard to watch them
00:58:05 Lisa Doiron: Thank you.
01:02:46 Deanna: PITA tax – that made me giggle
01:03:23 Rachel: Awesome! Thanks so much Shannon and everyone!!!
01:03:28 Noelle Peguese: Thank you!
01:03:32 Kaila Anderson: Thanks!