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Our team, support and all product sales will be offline December 22 – January 3 for our annual holiday break. 🙌 Wishing you all a safe, happy, healthy holiday season from Team Shannon Mattern!

WDA Live Strategy Call 12-21-2021

This’s Weeks Questions


00:01:07 Wendy Coop: Welcome newbies!
00:01:31 Wendy Coop: Win: I made it today! What a month it’s been!
00:01:52 Wendy Coop: Also a win: I got paid for two ghostwriting articles.
00:01:59 Megan Harrington: Being booked out for 2 months!
00:02:00 Cory Peterson: Win! Taking time off until the new year right after this call!
00:02:05 Caitlin Harrison: Win: working through the first two modules! and booked a client this week
00:02:09 Junia Judson: I’ve gotten through Modules 1-3 and have started on Bonus #9 based on my personalized roadmap
00:02:17 Michelle: Secret publishing news 👀
00:02:18 Lori Reeves: I was approached by a guy with a huge e-commerce company and he wanted to talk with me about a collaboration. We chatted yesterday and it seems like a possibly good fit and his goal for our collaboration is to generate between $50K-$100K PER MONTH. I’m chatting with his whole team early next week!!
00:02:36 Erica Nash: I have 4 podcast interviews scheduled in the next month! Goal is 10, so 6 to go. 🥳
00:03:38 Erica Nash: @Lori, WHOA that’s wild.
00:04:30 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Win: New non-design client for maintenance but she asked about possible redesign next year
00:04:35 Rachel Briscoe: Fabulous Caitlin!!!
00:05:03 Wendy Coop: I love seeing all of these wins!
00:05:12 judy bigham: Held my ground and let proposal deadline expire for project that likely would have been a nightmare for me
00:05:12 LaShae: Amazing Caitlin!!!!
00:05:28 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Congrats, Caitlin!
00:05:39 Laura Kåmark: Win: I emailed all my clients letting them know I’ll be out of office #boundaries
00:05:39 Caitlin Harrison: thanks, everyone!!
00:05:55 LaShae: Yes Sez – maintenance fir the win!
00:07:00 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Lori, WOW!!
00:07:11 Cory Peterson: LORI?!!?!?!? That’s HUGE!
00:07:29 LaShae: YAS LORI!!!!
00:08:52 Cory Peterson: Y’all are ROCKING it!
00:10:15 Cory Peterson: Been there Emily! Just keep planting those seeds!
00:11:47 Lori Reeves: Thanks everyone! This guy saw my low-ticket membership and loves the content and wants to talk with me about partnering so I can create something similar for them (they’ll feed me the content and I put it all together in a low-ticket format). And his audience of potential clients is currently at 150K. 🤯
00:16:01 Cory Peterson: A website audit really got me comfortable talking to potential clients and often they saw so much value from that free or low priced offer. I have gotten clients that way.
00:17:34 Cory Peterson: Keep doing it – good place to get testimonials too
00:17:45 Trish Bovell: make it limited
00:17:47 Lori Reeves: Be sure you’re SELLING what you’re giving for free.
00:17:53 Laura Kåmark: I’m only offering 5 spots
00:17:57 judy bigham: Cory, great to hear!
00:18:15 Lori Reeves: Be sure to name how they could benefit from what you’re doing
00:20:25 Cory Peterson: Feel free to DM me Erica – I have a spreadsheet I use
00:23:10 Laura Kåmark: $35,000
00:23:15 Laura Kåmark: That was scary to type
00:23:45 Trish Bovell: yay Laura!
00:23:46 Leslie Zemenek: Awesome, Laura! I can’t wait to do that too.
00:23:47 Cory Peterson: What if you really like to do the VIP level and want to steer more towards that?
00:24:34 Lori Reeves: Cory, read the book Never Split the Difference and learn how to negotiate like a freaking badass and then you can lead all of your clients to agree with you that your top level is the most logical option for them to choose! 🙂
00:24:56 Leslie Zemenek: I’m reading that book now.
00:25:21 Lori Reeves: That book is EVERYTHING Leslie!!! I listened to it on Audible and now I’m reading the hard copy. (And taking copious notes)
00:25:43 Cory Peterson: Oh – thank you! Love book recommendations!
00:25:53 Lori Reeves: YES Cory. GET. THAT. BOOK!
00:27:32 Erica Nash: That Austin powers “one million dollars” GIF 😂😂
00:27:47 Deanna: Lol Erica
00:28:49 Lori Reeves: One billion, cajillion, flibbety-jillion dollars!!!!
00:37:05 Lori Reeves: When someone is hiring someone who has an expertise that’s so far outside of their comfort zone, they WANT someone to nurture them through the process and not strong-arm them.
00:37:26 Megan Harrington: You will get such great referrals and testimonials!
00:37:35 Erica Nash: Shannon, when you were gone Alecia gave me some GREAT coaching for me to reframe my “people pleasing” nurturing nature. I don’t remember when that was, but it may be a helpful reframe.
00:39:12 Laura Kåmark: My husband always tells me I’m too sensitive, and Alecia helped me realize that my sensitivity is my super power, I’m so aware of how others are feeling and am the person that offers a blanket before someone realizes they are cold because I’m so aware of their feelings
00:39:34 Trish Bovell: @Laura – same!
00:39:54 Erica Nash: Yes!
00:39:57 Lori Reeves: I’ve also always been told that I’m too sensitive. But I think too many people aren’t sensitive enough. And it shows in every single thing they do.
00:41:47 Caitlin Harrison: I feel the same!
00:42:50 Wendy Coop: I have to hop off but I hope everyone has a great holiday season!
00:43:02 Laura Kåmark: Happy Holidays Wendy!!!
00:43:13 Trish Bovell: happy holidays, Wendy!
00:44:54 Lori Reeves: Rachel, what if you considered the extra money as a buffer so that if you ran into something you couldn’t handle, you could HIRE someone to help you get it worked out. That would actually take some of the responsibility OFF of you.
00:45:33 Laura Kåmark: @sez my 3 year old thinks you’re at the North Pole
00:45:55 Deanna: I have felt the same – I had to dive into that “what’s the worst that could happen?” rabbit hole to help me realize that EVERYTHING is fixable – it was hard to get past but it helped ♥️
00:46:24 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: @Laura: LOL! Opposite end of the world 😉 (Australia, but the background is Canada)
00:46:51 Laura Kåmark: Being an expert doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means you are willing to find the solutions
00:47:03 Trish Bovell: Laura is right.
00:48:07 Lori Reeves: I call Google my unpaid research assistant
00:48:16 Laura Kåmark: And you have this group to ask all the techie questions to!
00:48:28 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Google Fu is an underrated skill!
00:48:29 Deanna: Google U!!
00:48:49 Leslie Zemenek: Visual learner here. YouTube is my new best friend.
00:48:59 Trish Bovell: I google everything
00:50:03 Lori Reeves: And add some buffer time, Rachel! Just in case something unexpected comes up and takes more time than you thought it would.
00:50:57 Lori Reeves: I had to migrate a site yesterday from a subdomain on my own site to a new hosting account. I’ve done that a flibbety-jillion times and it takes about 15 minutes. Yesterday it took about 2 hours. 🥴
00:54:18 Laura Kåmark: My husband asked me to put an affiliate logo on his site. I did and he said “so now when I google that company I’ll show up as the first result right?”
00:54:23 Laura Kåmark: Me: ummm….no
00:54:44 Deanna: LOL Laura – bless his heart
00:56:38 Lori Reeves: Almost as if your client owns you now
00:57:41 Cory Peterson: You are absolutely in the right place. I can’t wait to see where you are a year from now! 🤩
01:00:39 Valicia: Trust the process, Rachel!!! You will gain clarity.
01:01:59 Rachel Briscoe: Thank you so much!!! ❤️
01:02:02 Erica Nash: Happy Holidays!!
01:02:02 Cory Peterson: Happy Holidays everyone!!!!
01:02:09 Helen: Happy Holidays!!!
01:02:15 Valicia: Same to you! Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!
01:02:18 Erica Nash: Lori 😩
01:02:19 Helen: Congrats to all of the graduates!!
01:02:21 Sez Gower | @whaletaildigital: Happy holidays all!
01:02:23 Trish Bovell: Happy holidays!