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Bonus Workshop – Project Management with Laura Kamark


00:01:25 Wendy T.: Hi Laura!! Thanks for sharing your expertise today.
00:02:55 erika: So excited about this!
00:13:22 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: How long do you find they need to gather the content? 2 to 3 weeks?
00:17:02 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: That fits what I’ve found as well.
00:17:13 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: And your kitty… 💖💖💖
00:21:08 Parisa: I show them as I go… big reveals don’t work!
00:21:37 Lori Reeves: Big reveals are stressful for both you AND them. Not a great idea.
00:27:07 Kelli Femrite: last pass is not my friend lately
00:30:07 Kelli Femrite: Yes this has been great @Laura I set this up after you showed me!
00:30:16 Erica Nash: This is sooo smart
00:30:20 Wendy T.: What a great idea!
00:30:26 Cory Peterson: Yep – Brilliant!
00:30:31 Lori Reeves: Love this idea, too!
00:31:08 Kelli Femrite: have to jump off early but this is great! I’ll definitely watch the replay after it’s uploaded 😉
00:31:09 Parisa: Didn’t know this! That’s cool
00:31:18 Lori Reeves: What did you say this extension is called?
00:31:28 Lori Reeves: Oh nice!
00:33:43 Erica Nash: This makes me so happy, lol
00:33:44 Parisa: Love it!
00:34:02 Parisa: yes
00:34:10 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I use this for me and my husband, never thought to use it for clients!
00:34:57 Erica Nash: This was great info, Laura!
00:35:03 Wendy T.: Super useful!
00:35:05 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: This was AWESOME @Laura!
00:35:10 Cory Peterson: I loved seeing your process – thanks Laura!
00:35:31 erika: This has been great! Would you be willing to share your asana template?
00:37:24 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: You can do it within the Bookmark manager
00:39:08 Ruha Thurairatnam: Gotta run. Thanks Laura, this was great!
00:40:05 Parisa: Does anyone else use the Dubsado workflows?
00:40:25 Erica Nash: I use Dubsado, but I don’t have workflows set up yet. It’s so much work, lol
00:40:57 Leslie Zemenek: Parisa, I’ve just started playing with the Dubsado workflows. Still figuring it out.
00:41:11 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I use Dubsado workflows for SOME processes but not yet for my web design projects
00:41:12 Parisa: It is! I set it up last time as I was going through it with one of my clients.
00:41:30 Parisa: It is helpful though
00:43:16 Erica Nash: My planner is legit my life, haha
00:43:26 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: Same here, Erica!!
00:44:30 Parisa: I wonder if there is a way to share our calendar availability for taking on projects with our clients…hmmm
00:47:46 Lori Reeves: Parisa, do you have something like Calendly or acuity? You can set up calendars where you can have it look into your google calendar and then show your availability that is left.
00:50:09 Erica Nash: If you set up your google calendar to integrate with Dubsado, it will show that you’re busy and take away that time.
00:56:04 Wendy T.: Parisa, I was just doing the profitable niche lesson last week. Maybe re-look at that section? Are your potential clients upstream/downstream, etc.
00:58:39 Leslie Zemenek: Lori, I love that analogy!
01:10:50 Barb at Infinity Brand Design: I’ve gotta get — thank you so much for all of this goodness, @Laura!
01:11:39 Erica Nash: I’ve got to go to! This was great, Laura!
01:11:57 Cory Peterson: You guys are amazing. Thanks all!
01:11:59 Wendy T.: Thank you!!