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Category: WDA Live Strategy Call Replays

WDA Live Strategy Call 02-15-2022

This’s Weeks Questions Chat 00:01:28 Leigh Scott: My first contractor starts tomorrow! 00:01:57 Leigh Scott: Thanks 🙂 00:01:59 Rachel Briscoe: Congratulations Leigh!!! 00:02:08 Tiffany Souhrada:

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WDA Live Strategy Call 02-08-2022

This’s Weeks Questions Chat 00:00:23 Rachel Briscoe: Hi all! 00:01:01 Caitlin Harrison: my win was Shannon’s excellent feedback and package matrix training 00:01:20 Janet Hoover:

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WDA Live Strategy Call 01-18-2022

This’s Weeks Questions Chat 00:00:39 Wendy Coop: Win: I made it! 00:00:53 Janet Hoover: Getting the work done!! 00:01:00 Trish Bovell: win 00:01:04 Megan Harrington:

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WDA Live Strategy Call 01-04-2022

This’s Weeks Questions Chat 00:00:27 Wendy Coop: Hello everyone! 00:00:49 Mariela Cabezas | Web Designer – soulbusinessdesign.com/week: Hey! 00:00:54 Laura Kåmark: WIN: I emailed my

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WDA Live Strategy Call 12-14-2021

This’s Weeks Questions Chat 00:00:41 Deanna: I’m back!!! 00:01:07 Rachel: Hi!!! 00:01:29 Trish Bovell: hi! 00:02:18 Deanna: I joined!!! 💖 00:02:29 Lisa Doiron: Joined WDA!!

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